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Possible to have "Add source" for .exe files? - rausch101 - 2008-06-25

This isn't a request, but only because there would be no place to put such a request anywhere on this forum (or at least that I could tell).

Is it possible to eventually have a "Windows Programs" tab (similar to Videos, Music, etc.) where you could add source and simply link a .exe file?

I ask because XBMC makes a beautiful frontend program and it'd be great someday for people to be able load all of their high-functioning PC emulators (XBOX, PS2, perfect N64 and PSX, etc.) and games this way so any friends with not-so-savy computer skills wouldn't have problems.

- leo2 - 2008-06-26

I've post a similar question, but no answer:

There is a "Programs" section in XBMC that runs an xbe files in XBOX.
The trivial solution is to change it that it could run an exe files in the Windows version. its seems very easy feature to implement, I hope XBMC guys will do that for us...

- drowhunter - 2008-07-19

Your Dreams have been answered


- marlboroman1 - 2008-07-19

Laugh by himself

- ShortySco - 2008-07-20

marlboroman1 Wrote:Laugh by himself


- drowhunter - 2008-07-24

woah...completely missed that...doh!.

i gotta lay off the crack pipe...Confused

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