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Kodi and Spotify - djr_fox - 2019-05-03

Hello all,  I am using Leia and I have an extensive Spotify playlist.  Does anyone use Spotify with Kodi and if so, how do you get it installed?

Thank you!

RE: Kodi and Spotify - HeresJohnny - 2019-05-03

Kodi Spotify Add-on

RE: Kodi and Spotify - Benna - 2019-05-07

(2019-05-03, 17:09)HeresJohnny Wrote: Kodi Spotify Add-on

should this be funny?

Just ask...

RE: Kodi and Spotify - HeresJohnny - 2019-05-07

Why would you think it funny when someone asks a question they can answer themselves with a simple search, either on Google or here on this forum? There is asking because of not knowing and there is asking because of being lazy and having someone else do the work for you. Or to quote the bible: "Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he will eat his whole life."

RE: Kodi and Spotify - snoopyjoe - 2019-05-08

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! That's is DEFINITELY FUNNY!!🤣

RE: Kodi and Spotify - djr_fox - 2019-05-30

Haha as funny as it is.  And it really was.  There is little to nothing in the way of support on this, hence why I asked the question

RE: Kodi and Spotify - docwra - 2019-06-10

Funniness aside, we really should write some nice Wiki Articles on how to use Spotify, Google Music etc.

Its a good first question I am sure a lot of users will ask.

RE: Kodi and Spotify - Mysticalp - 2019-06-24

Spotify API is not really open for this kind of stuff as far as I could see when I was looking into this. I ended up just leaving Spotify open in the background and controlling it with my phone

RE: Kodi and Spotify - dragutinmandic - 2019-07-06

so to use Spotify, I just need to install that add-on, right? or install an apk file