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4K, HDR, Kodi To TV - Litcube - 2019-05-21

Hi, guys!

I have an HTPC hooked up to a TV via HDMI.  My HTPC runs Kodi and has all my movies on it.   Some of them are HDR MKVs.  They're washed out colours, I'm assuming because my TV is older and not HDR enabled.

Can I buy a new TV with HDR and Kodi will play these HDR MKVs properly?

If so, what do I look for when buying the new TV?  Just HDR support?

RE: 4K, HDR, Kodi To TV - brazen1 - 2019-05-21

Yes, and you purchase as much as you can afford.  You can also turn on the pixel shader adjustment in Kodi and use what you have.  Your TV is SDR.  This will convert your HDR.mkv to SDR for playback and the colors won't be washed out.