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My Living room Theater Experience setup - peglegtv - 2019-05-28

I've spent the last couple of weeks building a giant floating shelf for my motorized 110" projector screen that we now use in our living room, this video is a demo of our new Theater Experience using Kodi, Voxcommando, Beam, and Beam ray. at the end of the video there are some photos of the shelf during the building process, it was a tight fit. the shelf is 107 inches long, 9.25 inches deep, and 7 inches tall. 

Homegear Projector Screen

Optoma HD142X Projector


Beam "Ray"

the shelf does amplify the motor sound but for me it is worth it, I use the beam to control my projector screen, the screen uses 433MHz, American standard is usually 315MHz so if you are going to control it with a beam make sure your beam has the 433MHz chip. in the photos at the end of the video you can see that I mounted the wall control inside the shelf, I used double sided tape to hold it in place, and then used Velcro zip ties to hold the wires in place so they won't interfere with the screen, I added an outlet on the wall that is concealed inside the shelf so no cords are visible, because of this I added a hidden door on that end of the shelf to be safe. 

I control the projector with the Beam "Ray" that I painted black to blend in, I had to modify my Beam "Ray" because my projector had a small IR receiving angle and I didn't have a good spot to put the Beam "Ray", so I modified the Beam "Ray" by de-soldering one of the IR emitters and soldered an emitter cable in its place, then used hot glue to fill the whole so the wire was less likely to be damaged and used double sided tape to mount the Beam "Ray" on top of my projector.


RE: My Living room Theater Experience setup - tjay260476 - 2019-05-30


I love the 2 screens option, I'm now wondering whether to do that in my living room!

I've said this many times before on here, I'm always impressed on the hardware, whether that is on a small (under 60") or large (over 80") screen - you my friend, have given me both Laugh

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