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RE: Xonfluence - flhthemi - 2015-09-27


Helly said in a previous post there is now a repo for this version of the skin. Download and install the repo and skin should update automagically.

I THINK in general settings there is an option for on/off of the home and back button.

RE: Xonfluence - oxicottin - 2015-09-27

I Downloaded the repo from the ops 1st suggested post and the version Xonfluence in 3.1.1 im running and the HellyRepo repo version is 0.1.0 and I dont see the option for the on/off of the home and back button.

RE: Xonfluence - flhthemi - 2015-09-27

(2015-09-27, 04:21)oxicottin Wrote: I Downloaded the repo from the ops 1st suggested post and the version Xonfluence in 3.1.1 im running and the HellyRepo repo version is 0.1.0 and I dont see the option for the on/off of the home and back button.

1 picture = 1,000 words Wink


RE: Xonfluence - oxicottin - 2015-09-27

Thank you! I never ticked that because I thought it had to do with touch screens... Needs reworded for sure. Thanks a million my life just got easier 100%!

RE: Xonfluence - flhthemi - 2015-09-27

Ahhh....sometimes you just have to think outside the box or be just a little daring and try it anyway Smile

RE: Xonfluence - bigbully - 2015-09-28

Anyone else having issues with the "default focused menu item"? No matter what I select for the default, Xonfluence always defaults me to the 3rd menu from the left. I'm digging further to see if I can resolve it, but just curious if it's just me.

This may be a problem specific to using profiles (see relevant info in http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=234932), but I got it resolved if anyone is interested... I added an autoexec.py file to each profile user data folder with the following script:

import xbmc

The last digit can be increased or decreased to choose other menu items to be focused.

RE: Xonfluence - hfmls - 2015-09-29

i can't use video addons, it crashes and restarts interface.

RE: Xonfluence - salusoft - 2015-09-30

(2015-09-23, 20:41)beytarj Wrote: Hi,
I have problem that KODI is crash when i enter the VIDEO menu.
I cant get to add video files at all.
When i get to the default skin, its OK.
Here is the log file:

Same here Sad

RE: Xonfluence - dmcjr22 - 2015-09-30

what operating system are you folks using?

RE: Xonfluence - beytarj - 2015-10-01

i am with Win 10

RE: Xonfluence - Vimes - 2015-10-01

Sadly I have gone back to Confluence as I can't seem to stop...

With Confluence..

Using Amazon Fire TV and 15.2 RC build. When, for example, within a TV show series and then press the back key on the remote it will back up one step at a time to the home screen.

With this skin...

It will back up to the home screen right away, without the option just to go to the series screen and then the show list in the TV Shows screen, and then will often exit Kodi completely.

It is as though the remote key press is repeated several times rather than just the once with the original Confluence skin.

I had deleted the Kodi intro and that was fine, as I did not need the start up intro running.

RE: Xonfluence - ikercito - 2015-10-01

Hi there,

Is there a way to set the EXIT menu item to minimize the window instead of shutting down Kodi? I'm under Win7.

I managed to get it done in CCM, but can't seem to find it in Xonfluence.


RE: Xonfluence - dunkle - 2015-10-02

Running openelec on an i3 based nuc. It in turn connected to 4k samsung 8500 tv. I have resolution set to 4k. The menu displays fine. No overscan etc and when videos play back again, no overscan, they fit the screen. However when i pause or otherwise bring up the on screen display its over scanned slightly off screen. Its as if everything but the osd is in 4k but osd still in 1080p. Is there anything i can put in advanced settings that would force osd to 4k ?

RE: Xonfluence - Helly1206 - 2015-10-02

Hi All,

It's a pity some of you are experiencing crashing of the video menu on windows. As I'm not working on windows, I cannot test this behavior at the moment. However I'm planning a new release this weekend with an updated video menu (with all the annoying things removed). I hope this issue is solved after this update. If not, please keep me informed.

RE: Xonfluence - Newbie_from_NJ - 2015-10-03

Great to see this skin is still alive!!! May just have to upgrade my openelec and give it a try. Thanks to helly1206 for taking on this project. Thanks also for the tip of amending the guisettings.xml file in order to transfer all my current CCM settings. Thanks for also mentioning video nodes... sounds interesting. Gotta hit google now...

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