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Music Playlist Help - Govnah - 2019-08-20

I have several Music paths:
/share/Music KODI
/share/Media/Music/HD Tracks
 I created a smart playlist:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<smartplaylist type="albums">
    <name>HD Tracks</name>
    <rule field="path" operator="contains">
        <value>HD Tracks</value>
When I select the above playlist, “HD Tracks” all the correct albums show up, but when I select the album, all songs are listed, not just the songs for HD Tracks albums, but from other music paths as well. i.e., if I select an Eagles album that I have in HD Tracks, it will show the one Album I have for HD Tracks, but all the songs located elsewhere for that album, what am I missing?

RE: Music Playlist Help - DaveBlake - 2019-08-21

There are two fundamentals to how Kodi music library currently works that are foiling your attempts to separate HD tracks from the others.

1) How smart playlists work
The normal music lib navigation screens, and folder type custom nodes (that have limited filter options) pass their filter options down from genres to artists to albums to songs. Smart playlists and filter type custom nodes (that have complex filter rules) do not behave like this. So say you filter the albums by a song property like path, you see the albums with songs that satisfy those rules, but when you click on an album the filter is dropped and you see all the songs on the album.

This confused me no end when I first started using Kodi, and I  tried to make smartplaylists passing filter rules on an option in v17 but my first attempt was rejected. It is something that I am revisiting, but whether my implementation will get in I don't know. I am 3 years wiser in the way of Kodi and making a better job (actually opening up filtering possibiliies even more) so I can hope so.

2) Albums are defined by tagging not folder names or files locations
I am guessing that the tracks from the HD version of an album are tagged with the same album name and album artist(s) as the normal ones (or maybe even mbid tags too, same album mbid will obviously be taken together). Although the music files are in different locations Kodi builds one album from them based on that tagging.

But in v18 there is a way to achieve the separation of HD tracks that you want - define separate music sources and create folder type custom nodes that filter on source.

Music sources
Although users often just define one source that points to all their music Kodi can support far more, even define a source as a combination of discrete folder paths. I suggest that you add each of your music path separately as 3 sources e.g. have a "HD Music" source with path /share/Media/Music/HD Tracks

By default Kodi shows music from all the sources, but v18 can filter by source on the dynamic filter (from the sideblade that you may never have notuiced), and in custom nodes and smart playlists. This is a great way to filter your music because you can categorise your music in whatever way is meaningful to you just by location of folders and defining sources.

Custom node
You could make a smartplaylist or filter type custom node based on source rules, but because of 1) you would get the same results as you currently see - having found the album it would give all the tracks from both locations.
Make a folder type custom node like this

HD Source.xml
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<node order="15" type="folder">
    <label>Albums on HD source</label>
    <path>musicdb://albums/?source=HD Music</path>
Put this xml file where you want in your menu structure by locating it in userdata/library/music. If you have never used custom ndoes before then make a copy of the default music menu from system first, see https://kodi.wiki/view/Music_nodes#Manually_creating_or_editing_a_custom_node

Not that the syntax for folder type nodes is toally different than that of filter type nodes and they can not be mixed.

Come back if you need more advice

RE: Music Playlist Help - jjd-uk - 2019-08-21

You could also use tags to define which are the HD tracks e.g. add a comment of HD track or maybe have a HD Track genre or mood, the tags Kodi scan are documented at https://kodi.wiki/view/Music_tagging however wiki has a habit of being out of date so not sure how current that is.

RE: Music Playlist Help - DaveBlake - 2019-08-21

Twiddling with tags isn't going to help him much @jjd-uk, sure he could then make songs playlists that were only HD that way, but what he wants is to list albums and then navigate to just the HD tracks (or not). He could also  tag the HD tracks as a different album, but then have 2 abums to differentiate, and using source is the best way to do that too.

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