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RE: Ace 2 - 1.6.0 - Kodi Leia - offshade - 2021-08-10

It's the rule with sequels. Sadly a shadow of its former glory. The "wide" option of sorting is gone, which was the best of any skin out there. There are much less user customization possibilities, some very useful ones have been stripped away. As for some interface additions, they are too kitschy for my taste. The description is a bit ironic, as it seems it tries too much to be an Aeon Skin - some things like the childish stars have been lifted straight from it anyway from what I can tell. In any case, thanks for all the work, especially for the masterpiece that was the first Ace Skin. I would like to have the option of being able to install it again, it was perfect as it was. Any possibilities for that to happen?

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