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custom music playlist - BikerDude - 2019-10-12

Hello all

after a mammoth job of re-tagging all my music library, which of course changed the tags of my music and therefore invalidated all my custom music playlists. I was under the impression that the plugin to add music to a playlist was incorporated in one of the kodi releases. 

Anyhow since i had the original plugin zip file I installed it on my 18.4 version of KODI. It was called context.playlist.append.zip you can find the link on this thread 13752.

Finally i have coleted the above task and the proceeded to install emby on my freenas server and the emby plugin for kodi.
My music playlists are on my nas in a separate share in order not to develop duplications and kodi has the appropriate advancesettings entry to redirect kodi to look for playlists on the new shared drive.
All plays fine except of course for the playlists

when i start to build my new playlists, i am listening to a song and i right click on it and i get a context menu with the option of adding the song to an existing or new playlist. Fine 

this issue i have is when i build this playlist Kodi creates it in the c:\users\me\appdata\roaming\kodi\userdata\playlist\music.

Fair enough. Although |I believe that when savin the playlist the plugin should take into consideration  the advancesetting substitution path.

However the main problem i encountered, is that the source for the music has become emby and now the playlist shows

#EXTINF:0,Supertramp - Breakfast In America This makes it difficult to manage a playlist
#EXTINF:0,The Rolling Stones - Let's Spend The Night Together This makes it difficult to manage a playlist

It would like it to show location of the track which is my shared drive and file name

Since Emby is not up to snuff with their music playlist functionality, I was wondering if anybody could suggest and alternative solution. 

I am posting a similar post to the emby forum

Thank you for looking at this

RE: custom music playlist - black_eagle - 2019-10-12

(2019-10-12, 11:14)BikerDude Wrote: Since Emby is not up to snuff with their music playlist functionality,

I'm just wondering in that case, why you are using it ?

Your NAS will be able to export its shares with either samba or nfs so why not just add the top level exported music directory as the music source in Kodi ?  Then your paths will look similar to

Or, mount the share locally and add that as the source and then it will be Z:\Music\Artist\Album\track.flac or whatever your directory structure is.

RE: custom music playlist - BikerDude - 2019-10-12

Hello all

Thanks for your reply

As i mentioned i also posted this on the emby forum In thant forum they suggested to set the client to native playback

this helps in achieving what i need however 
this is how far as it goes 

once i did this I went to Kodi to build a playlist

Kodi produces a playlist with the following information
#EXTINF:0,Badfinger - Day After Day
/media/music/Classic Rock 2/Badfinger - Day After Day.mp3    
This path kodi will not play 
so i edit the playlist in notepad and replaced
with z:\     (in my case this is my mapped share)
and i replace any other / with a \
and then saved the playlist and
I copy the playlist from the userdata playlist music folder to my shared folder
Using KODI's path substitution for each pc 
all my pcs using kodi have now an updated playlist 
voila kodi now finds and plays the tracks regardless of which pc i am using

This is an easy workaround, its not elegant but it works 

Thank you for looking at this on a saturday I would consider this solved

RE: custom music playlist - BikerDude - 2019-10-16

solved thank you

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