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How to Submit Addon for Translation? - pkscout - 2019-11-11

I think I'm caught in a link loop.  I'm trying to figure out how to submit an addon for translation, but every link I follow either here on the forum or on the wiki seems to get me to a page where I need to go to another page for the information I think I need (which isn't, but there are new links to follow) and eventually I end up where I started.  This is technically an add-on (Artist Slideshow) that was in the system some time ago, but the English strings file has drifted so much over the years that I decided to start over and renumber everything. So I need the translation started from scratch as well.

I feel like I'm an idiot and missing something obvious, but I have to ask.  How do I submit an add-on for translation?  The current add-on is on github, and I updated the master branch today with the most up-to-date code (including the strings.po file that needs translations).



RE: How to Submit Addon for Translation? - sarbes - 2019-11-23

Correct me if I'm wrong, but we don't have a defined process. You have to do it yourself. I'm facing the same issue on a smaller scale, my add-ons will have english and german strings only.

Alternatively, you could ask users to do the translation for you - they could make a PR with translated strings.

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