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RE: Amazon VOD [plugin.video.amazon[vod|-test]] - vivek_suraiya - 2020-10-28

(2020-10-27, 18:24)Varstahl Wrote: @vivek_suraiya there have been mixed reports, but some indians have been rather uncooperative so far. The ones claiming "it doesn't work" seldom (never?) actually helped me identify problems. In your case, what exactly is not working?
I am able to log in, but the videos don't play if we use InputStream. If you set it to the Android App, videos do play but at a lower resolution without 5.1 surround sound. I want to get this to work in Kodi exactly because I want 1080p HD with surround sound.

RE: Amazon VOD [plugin.video.amazon[vod|-test]] - Varstahl - 2020-10-28

Inside Kodi you should be able to play in HD if you enable HDCP Override in IS.A.

RE: Amazon VOD [plugin.video.amazon[vod|-test]] - ldc7675 - 2020-10-29

need help , a lot of the entries is showing up as Spanish descriptions inside my watch list and other entries.  I am using kodi 18.9 with 8.9 addon. I check everything I know to check inside Kodi. and change the region to USA inside addon was no help. This happened recently as it worked fine a few weeks ago. Any help would be appreciated.

RE: Amazon VOD [plugin.video.amazon[vod|-test]] - Varstahl - 2020-10-29

@ldc7675 #515.

RE: Amazon VOD [plugin.video.amazon[vod|-test]] - shaktoo - 2020-10-29

(2020-09-19, 17:41)rob_l12 Wrote:
(2020-09-17, 22:51)Tedkiller Wrote:
(2020-09-17, 20:37)Varstahl Wrote: One of the two: enable "Bypass HDCP" in InputStream.Adaptive, or download and setup playback to use the native app.

Bypass HDCP is ticked and let me have 1080p instead of 720p but no 4K.

Use amazon app give me a black screen
It stopped being possible to get 4k in the Kodi addon on the Shield some time ago. Not sure why. 1080 is the most you can get now, but at least you get proper audio (unlike the 'proper' Amazon app which only outputs stereo on the Shield). But you should be able to get the Amazon app working for 4k content (just with stereo). Basically Amazon on the Shield is a PITA these days - I have to use the TV's native app, and put up with their crap interface.
I do not have access to Shield 2019 and no 4K TV etc. But thats what I am building up to.
Please correct me if I am wrong : " Shield 2019 Pro connected to 4K DV /Atmos AV reciver and then sending all signals to 4K HDR/DV TV and one's 7.1.4 Atmos speakers Would this NOT get 4K HDR / DV /Atmos from Amazon VOD on Shield ? "
I know that DV is not playable directly via Kodi using Shield but via external player ( exo player ) or via Plex ( using exo-player ) 
We should be able to get uncompresssed passthrough ATMOS/ DTX etc directly via Shield  and AVOD ?

RE: Amazon VOD [plugin.video.amazon[vod|-test]] - ldc7675 - 2020-10-30

(2020-10-29, 09:15)Varstahl Wrote: @ldc7675 #515.

I checked the cookie and it has the following

Now what to do?

RE: Amazon VOD [plugin.video.amazon[vod|-test]] - ldc7675 - 2020-10-30

(2020-10-30, 17:14)ldc7675 Wrote:
(2020-10-29, 09:15)Varstahl Wrote: @ldc7675 #515.

I checked the cookie and it has the following

Now what to do?
also I tried the language select in the prime video and I get this error
 File "C:\Users\ldc76\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\plugin.video.amazon-test\default.py", line 5, in <module>
                                              File "C:\Users\ldc76\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\plugin.video.amazon-test\resources\lib\startup.py", line 67, in EntryPoint
                                                elif 'languageselect' == verb: g.pv.LanguageSelect()
                                              File "C:\Users\ldc76\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\plugin.video.amazon-test\resources\lib\common.py", line 50, in __getattr__
                                                def __getattr__(self, name): return self._globals[name]

RE: Amazon VOD [plugin.video.amazon[vod|-test]] - Rifrullo - 2020-11-03

Hi, I installed Sandmann79, raspberry pi 3 B+, and I followed the instructions of the case. The widevine installation was successful, so it communicated to me from the screen. I inserted the pin for Amazon Prime and also here I am told that it is correct.
But when I go to open any video I am told that the request is not executable.

I would need more clarification and thank you in advance. Huh

RE: Amazon VOD [plugin.video.amazon[vod|-test]] - Bedwyr - 2020-11-14

Is there an already known issue with the VOD add-on where settings->connection->sign-in... does not highlight or respond to clicks?

edit: I solved the problem by switching from Aeon Nox Silvo to Estuary on a whim. In Estuary I could select and use the sign-in function with no problem. It appears to have something to do with the way the skin is formatted.

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