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Vinci "MOD" - deezee69 - 2008-07-20

First thanks to Mntz for the great skin. Also credit goes to djh_ cause i kinda liked your home screen.Big Grin



Tv Shows



- deezee69 - 2008-07-20

Tv shows


Thats all i did can some one tell me were i can upload this in a zip file.
Also how can i editmy post cause i click the wrong button and well you can see what happened

- SmokeySlim - 2008-07-20

Looks nice Smile

- djh_ - 2008-07-20

It is nice, though having the Home menu as a flat colour might be tricky. It kinda goes against the look of the skin, but you should do something to maintain the dominance of the menu against any and all backdrops. When it's flat, you run the risk of it blending into the wallpaper and becoming a) hard to use, and b) a bit messy. A delicately applied drop shadow might do the trick, I reckon, or some accented edges, surrounding glow or gradient fill. Again, though, none of them really suits the skin.

Keep going, though - it's good!

- bugme - 2008-07-20

deezee69 Wrote:Thats all i did can some one tell me were i can upload this in a zip file.

You can upload it at http://depositfiles.com

Best regards,

- xb2iris - 2008-07-20

Congrats dezzee69... it's great u've decided to go ahead... and u have the great DJH giving u advice... ain't that cool... nyways... mod looks great...

as for uploading it... u have the usual file sharing sites such as mediafire.com, rapidshare.com, filefactory.com and megaupload.com to check out... u can upload files files for free and post the link on here... good luck man!

- deezee69 - 2008-07-20

Download link:

tell me if anything doesnt work win xbmc started to crash an hour ago. go no idea why

- xb2iris - 2008-07-20

cool dude... i'll give ur mod a lookie in a few hours when i get home... gr8 on u for getting out!

- xb2iris - 2008-07-20

actually heading home now... so i'll let u know in half an hour or so!

- bugme - 2008-07-20

deezee69 Wrote:tell me if anything doesnt work win xbmc started to crash an hour ago. go no idea why

XBMC for Xbox and OSXBMC are both falling back to PMIII if I select Vinci Mod. Oo

- xb2iris - 2008-07-20

deezee69... yeah, just like bugme said... it loads PM3 instead of your mod... no idea why, does it work on ur side?

- dgm1960 - 2008-07-20

Same here on XP.

- Competes2win - 2008-07-20

perhaps it's falling back to pm3 because of lack of support for the resolutions you're trying to get it to run in?

- jokerz - 2008-07-20

same with me defaults to PM3

- deezee69 - 2008-07-21

sorry wrong home.xml try this on works on win xbmc. i kinda stuck until i figure out why xbmc_pc crashes at start up.

Download link:

replace the home .xml with this on and i didnt have time to put a background for programs. plz tell me if anything else is worng. also can someone tell me howto edit post. i want to clean up this thread.

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