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- aart - 2008-07-21

can somebody please post the file elsewhere, like mediafire.com? I'm getting an 'all slots for your country are in use' error..

- deezee69 - 2008-07-21

other link

- deezee69 - 2008-07-21

is it working for anyone.

- bugme - 2008-07-21

Working on XBMC for Windows.

Need to test it on XBOX at home after work.

- bugme - 2008-07-21

Documentaries. Wink

- aart - 2008-07-21

not working on my box (16x9)...

- deezee69 - 2008-07-22

@aart only works on 720 no 16x9

speling mistak will fix thanksLaugh

- xb2iris - 2008-07-22

hey... checked it out... looks great except no background when entering any of the menu items (i.e video, music)... what's next for ur mod?

- deezee69 - 2008-07-23

backgrounds should work only programs doesnt have any backgounds. whats next.... i dont now i have no ideas you got any. i kinda moded everything i can think of.

- xb2iris - 2008-07-23

hmmmm... thats a thought... let me just see if i can get these backgrounds to work on the xbox...

- Rookie - 2008-08-09

I can confirm back rounds still not working here.

- Rookie - 2008-08-18

If you replace the home.xml with the one given in the previous posts then they will work.

- bavarian323i - 2008-10-16

This download is meshing all the text together and freezing the program. anone have that problem?

- jarod71 - 2008-12-31

cn someone repost this for downlaod?

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