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Thumb (cover) resolution: 500 x 500 too small? - NeroRome - 2020-01-14

The image specification for thumbs gives a resolution of 500 x 500 pixel.
Thumbs are also used as cover for albums.
Isn't this too small nowadays?
Maybe it is not a big problem e.g. for artists but covers often have a more details design. If we think of 4K screens and the typically display-size of covers it seems to be quite small and the cover will be zoomed.
I wonder why the specification does not name a bigger resolution.
I know it is possible to use also bigger images.

I am currently limited to Full-HD but I plan to go to UHD soon.

Is 500 px still the best size or is it better to use a higher resolution?

RE: Thumb (cover) resolution: 500 x 500 too small? - Karellen - 2020-01-14

Yes, it should be changed to 1000x1000 as that is the default size for fanart.tv

If no-one raises any issues, I will change it in a few days.

RE: Thumb (cover) resolution: 500 x 500 too small? - DaveBlake - 2020-01-15

I'm going to question both the "should" and what exactly you both want to change? Huh

I get that memory is cheap these days, screens get bigger etc. but a lot of Kodi users are still running there media systems on old kit (especially as music players), so I think while enabling users to run either hi-res/fast and low-res/slow systems we need to suggest reasonable default values for art. While 1000x1000 is now the default size for fanart.tv images, most album covers come from tagging using Picard or picking off from Amazon etc. and those are 500x500 or lower. On a 1080p screen that makes perfect sense.

Also changing the wiki isn't going to change the default art caching behaviour, and it is that which controls how high a resolution image get delvered to the UI. So just having hi-res local art or fetching it from fanart.tv isn't going to give a 4k userĀ  the on screen experience they want.

So I suggest that the wiki stays as 500x500, but make it clear this is a recommendation and not a specification. Then add wiki or guide on forum that makes it clear how a user can set image resolution and what the consequnces are both in storing data, slower systems and in seeing things on screen.

RE: Thumb (cover) resolution: 500 x 500 too small? - Karellen - 2020-01-15

I was only referring to the wiki. so I will leave as is.

There is already a note stating they are suggested sizes.
Quote:Note: All resolutions are suggestions and roughly fall in line with the sizing at the scraper sites. You may modify the resolution to suit your own needs, but the aspect ratio must be maintained otherwise the image may undergo stretching, squashing or cropping when viewed in Kodi. If you intend to share your artwork, check the scraper sites to ensure your artworks are within their minimum and maximum limits.

RE: Thumb (cover) resolution: 500 x 500 too small? - scott967 - 2020-01-17

I find 1000x1000 is about as big as I really want to include in song embedded art, or the art is bigger than the song (for mp3 encode anyway).

scott s.

RE: Thumb (cover) resolution: 500 x 500 too small? - docwra - 2020-01-20

TheAudioDB standardises on 700x700

For exactly the reason the 1000px was too big and 500 was too small Wink

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