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Move & resize a 'windowed' videoplayer (videowindow type control) - wallacebw - 2020-01-25


How do I move / resize videowindow type control?

I have a control  defined in an XML as follows:

        <control type="videowindow" id="300">
            <description>video window</description>

I can interact with it via the xbmc.Player() class, but I can't seem to alter the control directly.  

example:  the following fails with - RuntimeError: Unknown control type for python

self.vidPlayer  = self.getControl(300)

How do i alter a videowindow type control created via XML? (change size and position)


Is there anyway to set the stretch type for a windowed video window programatically?  e.g. set it to stretch_16x9 as part of sending a xbmc.Player().play() command (or just before /after)?


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