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- McGeagh - 2009-04-23

Well its commented out here: xbmx/lib/libGoAhead/Makefile (and Makefile.in) line 59.
But like you suggested, ive just excluded it. I dont need a web server lol. Had to create a patch that utilises HAS_WEB_SERVER in order to exclude it. (trac added)

Apart from that, the next thing i encountered was a problem in the dvdplayer codecs.
xbmc/cores/dvdplayer/codecs/makefile line 156. It refers to the folder x86... which is obv not good for me, but there is an arm folder so i just changed the makefile to do $(ARCH) instead.

And finally... you guys incorporated a SNES audio emulator to play snes sounds!!! awesome!!! except its using x86 assembler (nasm) so i cant use it... lol. nvm, ill just exclude it.

- DGMurdockIII - 2009-04-25

what about ARM/Linux-based netbooks http://www.arm.com/

- McGeagh - 2009-04-27

Hmm, im a little confuzzled by something...
Im getting an error during make about projectM.

*** No rule to make target `CMakeFiles/projectM.dir/link.txt', needed by `libprojectM.so.2.00'.  Stop.

Comparing my current projectM.dir folder contents to the one i have running on x86, theres a lot of files im missing, including link.txt... hence the error.

In the log file (xbmc/visualisations/XBMCProjectM/libprojectM/CMakeOutput.log) theres a lot wrong going on. in x86 version after it outputs the line "The CXX compiler identification is GNU, found in...." it does other stuff such as linking...whereas in the arm version im working on, it doesnt...nothing past that line.
This log file is produced when you do ./configure but im unable to pinpoint exactly where, and why its failing on me.

- spiff - 2009-04-27

not really an answer, but projectM requires opengl so i would just disable it for now.
i assume you have CMake installed?

chdir to the dir, then do cmake . and see what you get

- McGeagh - 2009-04-27

Thanks for the fast reply.
I do have cmake installed. and when i do cmake . i get the same output as the x86 version.
Looks like ill just disable it for now as suggested. lol.

I finally have the end result! an xbmc binary! granted, its been culled enough that it cant be called xbmc anymore lol, but nvm. Now to try it out on real hardware, and see how slow unoptimised none-gl xbmc runs at.

- McGeagh - 2009-04-29

Alright... Ive been trying to get it to run with SDL, and you lot really dont like SDL anymore. lol.
It fails when trying to render the splash screen because trying to round a NaN. This is because (long story short) its dividing by 0 in the CGraphicContext::GetScalingPixelRatio() function in guilib/GraphicContext line 1221 " return outPR * (outWidth / outHeight) / (winWidth / winHeight); "
This is because outWidth, height, as well as winWidth, height are all 0. Why... because XBVideoConfig::GetCurrentResolution() function in xbmc/XBVideoConfig.cpp line 103 doesnt do any setting up of values, if running in SDL. It has a define for apple, win32, and glx... but nothing for the else. hence iWidth and iHeight report back as 0, thus the divide by 0 etc.

Im just happy its trying to render, means my porting kinda works...somewhat.
No point me spending too much time getting it to work with SDL, when im eventually going to get it to work with OpenGL ES.

- spiff - 2009-04-29

damn, you were doing such a nice job of cleaning up our nasties Smile

- McGeagh - 2009-04-30

I kinda hacked it and hardcoded the resolution.
The result.....

- theuni - 2009-04-30

Excellent news.

My beagleboard has been dreaming of this day...


- motd2k - 2009-04-30

Very impressed :-)

- althekiller - 2009-04-30

Nice! We need to get someone on conning TI to open all those DSP codecs for the OMAP3/4. Smile

- SgtH3nry3 - 2009-04-30

althekiller Wrote:Nice! We need to get someone on conning TI to open all those DSP codecs for the OMAP3/4. Smile
Not just TI, also Qualcomm, Marvell, Freescale, nVidia, etc. Wink

Or are you aiming at an OMAP-only version?

- althekiller - 2009-05-01

TI are the only ones from whom I've heard even grumblings of opening stuff.

- AakashPatel - 2009-05-28

Hi, I love what you are trying to do, and I would also love helping you port xbmc for ARM arch, and even eventually the Android mobile OS.

I sent you a PM, I can't wait to get started helping port.


- Gruso - 2009-05-29

Fantastic work McGeagh. The Pandora community is watching with interest. Wink

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