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Drive Mapping - Adding source issue - Delphy - 2008-07-23

Hi all,

I've just started using XBMC and so far like the interface and the options. The problem is that XBMC has some standard drive mappings that appear in the log file:

Quote:19:29:16 T:2124 M:1230729216 NOTICE: Mapping drive Q to J:\Program Files\XBMC
19:29:16 T:2124 M:1230655488 NOTICE: Mapping drive U to J:\Program Files\XBMC
19:29:16 T:2124 M:1230647296 NOTICE: Mapping drive Z to J:\Documents and Settings\Stuart\Application Data\XBMC\cache
19:29:16 T:2124 M:1230647296 NOTICE: Mapping drive T to J:\Documents and Settings\Stuart\Application Data\XBMC\UserData
19:29:16 T:2124 M:1230405632 NOTICE: -----------------------------------------------------------------------
19:29:16 T:2124 M:1230401536 NOTICE: Starting XBMC, Platform: Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 build 2600. Built on Jul 15 2008 (compiler 1500)

Quote:19:29:16 T:2124 M:1230176256 NOTICE: Mapping drive P to J:\Documents and Settings\Stuart\Application Data\XBMC\UserData

My issue? I actually have a P, Q, T, U, and Z drive! My Q drive being a 750gb where all the TV shows are and my P drive has a combination of TV and Movies. So naturally when I go to Add Source to add all the content to the library it doesn't let me at all - it just goes to J:\Program Files\XMBC\ - the only source that works is my W drive which isn't internally mapped.

Is there a way to either turn off or change these internal mappings? I've looked in the XML but can't see anything obvious.


PS Yes I really do have all those drives Smile

- kraqh3d - 2008-07-23

The only way to change those drive mappings is by modifying the code.

Q: is the application root
U: is the user root (For Win32 I've always seen this the same as Q. I think only linux makes use of this since its a concurrent multi-user os. Skins and stuff are checked from both these locations.)
P: is the current user's profile location
T: is the master user's profile location
Z: is the cache location

These drive mappings occur in Application.cpp, but they may be referenced elsewhere. (Though I agree with you. These drive mappings are a carry over from the original Xbox version and should be deprecated eventually for full paths.)

- Delphy - 2008-07-23

Hi kraqh3d,

Thanks for the quick response. I'll have to grab the source and have a look.

For now I've found a workaround (share the root folders I want to access and add an SMB source thats on my local machine) but it's naturally a little clunky. Obviously since I doubt many people have as many drives as I do, this isn't a priority to remove the mappings, but any idea when this is on the timeline?


- WiSo - 2008-07-23

This is legacy code from the Xbox and can't be removed easily. We're thinking of removing it completely and exchange it with some special:// urls for all ports but this will take time and nobody started it yet afaik Sad

- mace - 2008-07-23

Have you looked at mount points in windows?
It's a way to mount a drive/partition to a folder on another drive/partition. Much like Linux. Might be useful for you to free up some driveletters

- Delphy - 2008-07-24

Hi mace,

Yeah I know all about NTFS drive mappings to directories - and while I could do that, I'd probably end up having to reorganise my entire PC. Having 8 drives connected gets tricky sometimes Smile

- mace - 2008-07-24

Have to reorganize a raid volume

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