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Formula 1 (F1) Add-on - jay.kody - 2020-02-03

The F1 season starts again in about 5 weeks. So I thought about developing a Kodi Add-on for F1.

Is there any interest in an F1-Video-Add-on? (It would show videos from this page https://www.formula1.com/en/video.html and maybe some ranking lists.)
Important note: this would not be an F1 TV Add-on (which requires a subscription), but only show the free videos from the website.

Regarding legal stuff:
They state that "We want to support our fans and the FORMULA 1 community and are committed to creating a passionate, creative and inclusive environment." which should allow an add-on like this.

I'm happy to hear your opinions on this. Smile

RE: Formula 1 (F1) Add-on - PatK - 2020-02-03

(2020-02-03, 19:39)jay.kody Wrote: Regarding legal stuff:
In general I like the idea, but "which should allow an add-on like this." is one of those generalized and in most cases overreaching statements if it's not coming from the source. Most of the web sites put out bait to lure you into some pay scheme. Stealing their bait, without providing analytic data or offers/ads etc. is probably not on, Looking at the terms & conditions of using the web site they claim exclusive right to commercialize the FIA Formula One World Championship in all media (keep in mind I've never heard of them and any agreements would have to be under the assumption that they indeed have genuine claimed rights ). Expressly excludes the copying and/or use of any moving images that are featured on Formula1.com and the note regarding RSS feeds suggest that local control is what they want and that's not likely to spill out into an add-on.

If you can get written privilege to do this, (If you require further information on the above or wish to apply for permission to use material from the Formula1.com website in other ways, please email [email protected].)  then that would make F1 Kodi enthusiasts happy.

I should note that somewhere in this forum are users who actively collect all the F1 races/seasons with race course images and posters. My suggestion would be to produce the add-on, present it to the rights holders with your intentions and see if there is some interest in permissions.

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