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Navigation bug - HeresJohnny - 2020-02-27

I believe I found a small bug in album navigation. OS Windows, Kodi 19 nightly 2020-02-17, Skin default.

Steps to reproduce (I'm using the keyboard to navigate but it shouldn't make a difference):

1. Music -> Recently added albums -> Navigate to one of the entries -> ENTER => You're in the track list of this album.
2. Go to the 2 dots (1 level up) -> ENTER -> Without effect => ENTER -> Goes to the list of recently added albums
3. Try to go to any album -> ENTER -> Entering the track listing is impossible.
You can repeat step 3 as much as you want, but to go back with BACKSPACE you have to do it an equal amount of times to reach the list of recently added albums.

There's probably only a dot or a slash missing in the code or something like that.

RE: Navigation bug - HeresJohnny - 2020-03-12

Nobody can confirm this?

RE: Navigation bug - black_eagle - 2020-03-12

Yes, I can confirm that if I use the recently added widget.  It doesn't happen with the recently added node (which uses exactly the same musicdb://recentlyaddedalbums/ path) so I can only assume it's skin related in some way, especially as I can't reproduce it in any other skin so far.

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