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Dialog Pop Up - oytschi - 2020-06-25


I'm trying to embed a Dialog Popup Window, which I can open from my Home Screen and by pressing one of the Label Buttons, different Scripts will be executed.
The only thing I cant get working is, that there is no backgroundcolor. I created a custom-data.xml which I could open with following content:


<window id="2345" type="dialog">

When playing around with the backgroundcolor tag, there is no change on the dialog window background itself.

Then I tried the python version with the Dialog Class which would be nice because it looks like a "real" popup with a closing option in the corner. But here I didnt found a way to embed a label with an onclick attribute Big Grin


dialog = xbmcgui.Dialog()
ok = dialog.ok('Test', 'This is an test.')

Does somebody know, why I cant change the background color of the window?

Thanks in advance Smile!

RE: Dialog Pop Up - pkscout - 2020-06-25

I'm pretty sure colors have to be either named (in the colors file or one of the system names) or a hex code.  '0' is not a color.

RE: Dialog Pop Up - roidy - 2020-06-25

(2020-06-25, 11:37)oytschi Wrote: When playing around with the backgroundcolor tag, there is no change on the dialog window background itself.
From the skinning manual:-

Specifies whether the window needs clearing prior to rendering, and if so which colour to use. Defaults to clearing to black. Set to 0 (or 0x00000000) to have no clearing at all. If your skin always renders opaque textures over the entire screen (eg using a backdrop image or multiple backdrop images) then setting the background color to 0 is the most optimal value and may improve performance significantly on slow GPUs.

Setting to 0 makes the window effectively transparent and you can see the previous window through it.

I think most skinners / skins just use a fullscreen image control to clear the screen

<control type="image">

RE: Dialog Pop Up - oytschi - 2020-06-26

I was tyring backgroundcolor attribute with 0xFFFFFFFF and 0xFF000000 but with the same result.
The idea with the black image as own control is a good idea. I'll give it a try thank you!

RE: Dialog Pop Up - jurialmunkey - 2020-06-26

backgroundcolor tag only works for non-dialog windows. It won't work with a dialog, because dialogs by their nature have a transparent background since they are overlayed on top of the current window.

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