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Kodi recognise .mxf files - noggin - 2020-06-25

Hi there

.mxf files are increasingly used in broadcast video production, alongside Quicktime .mov files.  ffmpeg has support for reading .mxf files.  Would it be possible for Kodi to recognise .mxf files as video and/or audio file wrappers and offer them as files in the file view, and then replay them?

(That said - audio replay is likely to be a fly in the ointment - as MXF files are based around stereo and 5.1 carried as multiple mono 'tracks' within the MXF wrapper - rather than stereo or 5.1 tracks, so maybe this isn't such a great idea...)

As hardware becomes increasingly more powerful, and Kodi has such an excellent front end, it would be good to be able to play broadcast content within its UI without having to rewrap this content to a .mov or similar wrapper.


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