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recording on Nvidia Shield without PC - bsellers100 - 2020-07-15

Hello, I have an Nvidia Shield setup with HDHomerun installed.  I have Kodi running with the HDHomerun PVR addon, and I am able to watch live TV through this.  Currently I am using the Live Channels app to DVR local tv programs directly onto the Shield, but I am not very fond of the Live Channels app.  If I subscribe to the DVR addon through Silicon Dust, can I DVR programs through Kodi on the Shield, or do I have to have a PC constantly on to use this program.  I would prefer not to use a PC.  Or is it possible to somehow access the recorded programs from the Live Channels app through the Kodi interface?  That would be even better.

RE: recording on Nvidia Shield without PC - djp952 - 2020-07-21

The in-built Kodi PVR addon for HDHomeRun does not currently support the DVR recordings.  I took a crack at adding it via a Pull Request, but SiliconDust has a tendency to change things without notice and there were a couple other (now known to be unrelated) issues.  I have not re-pursued it due to the probability of SiliconDust introducing additional breaking changes.  Once SD has formally documented the API thus providing a more binding "contract" of sorts I intend to try again.

SiliconDust does provide a script-based Kodi addon that can access Live TV and DVR recordings, but it's not a PVR addon (and still a bit broken last I checked) so it's not integrated into Kodi like this PVR addon is.

However, there is a way to get you to 'yes' but I would suggest bringing the conversation to the HDHomeRun forums as it is likely inappropriate to discuss that solution here, at least in my mind.  Here is a link to the "Kodi Community Development" thread at SiliconDust:


Happy to talk about it here if Team Kodi doesn't mind, but this would definitely be the wrong sub-forum.  Sorry for being cryptic, I really don't want to step on anyone's toes!!

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