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Kodi suggestions - umiedotre9 - 2020-07-24

Hey everyone, I run a small YouTube channel largely based around Kodi and things you can do with it and I was just curious to see if anyone had any potential ideas for things I could do there to help out the masses? Just things like Kodi issues or specific builds that don’t get as much attention as they deserve, open to any suggestions Wink

RE: Kodi suggestions - DarrenHill - 2020-07-24

Thread moved to Kodi discussions.

Please note though that we do not support or endorse builds, and there are more than enough channels on YouTube already that violate our piracy policy (wiki) and we would rather didn't exist at all.

If you're looking to offer support for legitimate usage of Kodi for legally and legitimately owned or sourced media then good luck to you, otherwise please don't bother at all.

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