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Twitch.tv - anxdpanic - 2020-08-14


This is NOT an official Twitch add-on and is not supported or endorsed by Twitch.tv

Watch your favorite gaming streams!

Twitch and python-twitch for Kodi can be found in the Official Kodi repository.

Twitch on Kodi
Readme: https://github.com/anxdpanic/Twitch-on-Kodi/blob/master/README.md

python-twitch for Kodi
Readme: https://github.com/anxdpanic/script.module.python.twitch/blob/master/README.md

If you're experiencing an issue, please describe your issue with details that may help reproduce and provide a complete debug log (wiki)

RE: Twitch.tv - anxdpanic - 2020-08-14

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RE: Twitch.tv - anxdpanic - 2020-08-14

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RE: Twitch.tv - anxdpanic - 2020-08-14

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RE: Twitch.tv - chief27 - 2020-08-19

Congrats on making it into the official Kodi repository. This afternoon I began experiencing an issue with commercials appearing in the middle of watching a stream and preroll (before the video stream starts in Kodi) I am a Twitch Turbo subscriber so I should not be seeing ads at anytime. Is there something that needs update with the addon, I just updated to the latest version available v 2.5.2.

edit: Do OATH tokens need to be regenerated if going from 2.5.1 to 2.5.2? If so, following the instructions on the GitHub page appear to work, but do not generate a new code, just loops back to twitch.tv and you are not signed into your account.

edit 2: That being said, the settings I had present from 2.5.1 do work for my "Following" lists and block ads on streams I am subbed to, just specifically my "Twitch Turbo" sub is not blocking ads on channels I am not directly subbed to.

RE: Twitch.tv - anxdpanic - 2020-08-19

You don't need a new oauth, Twitch shows the ads in stream so it's likely a temporary issue on their end. You can also enable and configure InputStream Adaptive, and use the Adaptive quality in the Twitch add-on.

RE: Twitch.tv - chief27 - 2020-08-19

(2020-08-19, 00:50)anxdpanic Wrote: You don't need a new oauth, Twitch shows the ads in stream so it's likely a temporary issue on their end. You can also enable and configure InputStream Adaptive, and use the Adaptive quality in the Twitch add-on.

All is well. Must have just been an issue on Twitch's end for unknown reasons.

RE: Twitch.tv - DjDiabolik - 2020-08-22

mmmmmmm... i have a streamer (ZEB89) as change his stream resolution. Now it's use 1080p at 60fps. I have try to watch some past stream and I don't know why only the video tracks it's be reproduced completely jerky. If in preferences i enable to ask for quality ever and i choose 720p-60fps all it's ok but if i choose 1080p all goes jerky.
apparently it doesn't seem like a buffering problem and i have also tryed to enable to use mpeg dash.......  i also don't thinks it's an hardware limit (i use osmc on raspberry pi2) because on other addons another video whit similar resolution it's be reproduced whitout any issue....

RE: Twitch.tv - anxdpanic - 2020-08-22

I use a Rbp2 w/ OSMC as well, it is definitely the hardware. Though it says 1080p or 1080p 60fps, it's not showing the bitrate of the stream which in these cases is too high.
If you open the context menu on the stream or one of the videos you can Set default quality, this will set the default to all videos for that streamer. Live streams and videos are separate so you need to do it for the stream and one video.

RE: Twitch.tv - DjDiabolik - 2020-08-24

@anxdpanic so are you telling me that it is not so much the resolution of the video but rather the bitrate used by the streamer or used by twitch service/site ?

I would be curious to get some kind of feedback from those who use kodi on hardware such as the raspberry 3B+ or for example wait when finally osmc can release a valid pi4 image.

Anyway I'll try to set the default quality and see if it works.. at 720p-60fps apparently all it's works whitout any issue.......

RE: Twitch.tv - c0de7 - 2020-08-26

Hello, I'm having trouble trying to make the addon work, its not particularly the addon version but the addon itself because I tried like a month ago and wouldn't work either. I can see streams miniatures and open different menus but everytime I try to open a stream Kodi just crashes, I believe someone had a similar problem on the previous Twitch forum but sent the low level log. I'm running Kodi 18.8 with Aura skin, Windows 10 64 bits. The only thing that I could do is to play audio from streams with the select quality option, but never video. I just want some feedback if it is something from the skin or the Kodi version or whatever because I can't really see any kind of error in the log, it just stops working. Thanks in advance!


RE: Twitch.tv - anxdpanic - 2020-08-29

Doesn't appear to be the add-on, but a complete debug log (wiki) may show more.

RE: Twitch.tv - c0de7 - 2020-08-31

Thanks! I'll try a clean install of Kodi or something like that, might be my PC then if nobody else is having the same problem. If that doesn't fix it, I'll definitely send a complete debug log

RE: Twitch.tv - chief27 - 2020-09-11

I am seeing ads again. I have Twitch Turbo subscription and even seeing them happen on channels I am specifically subscribed to. Seems to happen between 6pm-9pm EST. Also, while I am sure its not the addon's fault, maybe Twitch is working on something in the background that is breaking the API from correctly seeing account details to let them know to leave me out of the ads. I am surprised no one else has noticed this. Logs do not point out anything or requests to different urls when ads happen.

RE: Twitch.tv - savindwales - 2020-09-11

I am also seeing a lot of ads, including for a channel that I have tier 1 subscription to. I am using Kodi 18.8 on Ubuntu 20.04 and twitch addon 2.5.3.

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