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PBS Live - matthuisman - 2020-10-07


Watch various PBS stations live. No subscription required.

  • Unofficial 3rd Party Kodi Add-on for PBS Livestream
  • Watch all regional streams (regardless of your location in USA)
  • Full Kodi TV / Guide Integration
  • Quality up-to 1920x1080 @ 30fps

  • USA IP Address
  • 5 minutes

Install Instructions

RE: PBS Live Add-on - rocko - 2020-10-08

Thanks for this, works great.

RE: PBS Live - barney63 - 2021-11-19


Having an issue with this addon since the latest update.  I checked Matt's m3u playlist and most of the channels are missing.  The stations are also appearing under the wrong states ie GBH (Boston) does show up in Mass but is also the only station appearing in New Hampshire.

Just wonderin' what's goin' on, did something change at PBS?


RE: PBS Live - matthuisman - 2021-11-19

Make sure your running at least version 0.1.5 of the add-on
I see 8x stations under MA (including GBH)
And 5x stations under NH

But yes, there were changes at PBS - 95% of the streams are now using Widevine DRM.
Add-on 0.1.5 added support for these.

https://i.mjh.nz/PBS/all.m3u8 now only has the non DRM streams

There is a new https://i.mjh.nz/PBS/kodi.m3u8 which includes the DRM streams.
But will only work on players that support Widevine and the #KODIPROP tags.

RE: PBS Live - barney63 - 2021-11-19

Not sure what happened, I do have 0.1.5 which is saying it was updated 11/17/2021.  Anyway, it looks like it is back to normal again.  Thanks for looking at it.

RE: PBS Live - matthuisman - 2021-11-19

Oh, it was probably the remote file it relies on. I was mucking around with it a bit last night.

RE: PBS Live - barney63 - 2021-11-19


Do you now have to be in the same state to access the station?  Previously, you could play any station.

RE: PBS Live - matthuisman - 2021-11-19

I don't think so.
I do know they blocking more Vpns now though.
But if one station works, they all should.
If that's not the case, please advise which isn't playing.

RE: PBS Live - barney63 - 2021-11-19

Ok, thanks, I'll check out my system further when I get some time later

RE: PBS Live - ltai0001 - 2021-12-26

Install version 0.1.7 went ok but trying to view a station doesn’t bring anything. Log shows error below
“Open failed with http error 500”
Do I have to be on vpn?
Addon wanted to install Hulu which I did but do I have to login to Hulu?

RE: PBS Live - matthuisman - 2021-12-27

as per the info, you need USA IP Address
Hulu add-on is not required at all

RE: PBS Live - ltai0001 - 2021-12-28

Working fine…thanks a lot

RE: PBS Live - inthelight - 2022-02-13

Thank you for this add-on, it is working well on my Rpi4/Matrix setup with one exception. I ran the IPTV/EPG setup from the settings menu but when I view the TV Guide from the main Kodi menu I see only a list of the PBS channels, there is no EPG data displayed. Any help is appreciated.

RE: PBS Live - matthuisman - 2022-02-13

Pbs epg is currently down as they removed the api endpoint I was using.

No eta on a fix yet. But as soon as it fixed, it should come alive in your setup

RE: PBS Live - rocko - 2022-04-30

Any news on the guide.

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