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ReplayTV: Help with streaming from a ReplayTV box? - jeffscott72 - 2004-05-16

when i go to my video it doesn't show me any of the shares. this happened to my on a previous build when playing around with the replaytv stuff. i deleted xmbc off the apps folder and reinstalled the lasted version. started off with a new config file and i still get no listings. pics and music shows listing fine...just not video. could there be something cached somewhere causing this? any ideas? i haven't been able to play video on my xbox for quite some time now.



- tslayer - 2004-05-16

this has been covered a lot.

if i am not mistaken, you are not in movies view. make sure you are.

you may be on genres view, or some other view. goto movies view.


- kraqh3d - 2004-05-16

this problem comes up every few days. i think it would be best if the view name was changed to "files" instead of "songs" and "movies". it's more intuitive that way.

- jeffscott72 - 2004-05-16

Quote:if i am not mistaken, you are not in movies view.  make sure you are.
too late to find out now. i deleted the udata and tdata folders of of e: last night. i lost all my game saves and stuff but it cleared up the problem in xmbc. maybe there was a preference file in one of the folders where it was stuck in a wrong view.

i backed the folders up before i delteted them. maybe i'll put them back and see if i was in the wrong view. i'll let you guys know. thanks for the feedback!


- meathook - 2004-05-24

i am new to xbox modding so please bear with me. i have setup xbmc and everything is working except for the ability to stream video from my replay tv. i can browse to it and see the shows there but when i hit the "a" button to play one i hear the hdd hit for a second but nothing happens. it doesnt hang up it just simply does nothing. i can stream video and music from my pc with no problem. thanks in advance for the help.

- megaloman - 2004-05-27

i'm having similar problem. anyone have any ideas? if you look at the size of the files, they show as 50-60kb, so xbox isn't seeing the correct size from replay.

i have a 5040 unmodded (original drive).

any comments on this issue would be appreciated.

- Spectre51 - 2004-05-28

okay so it see my replay tv but i show 0 files under my videos. i made sure i had the view set to movies but still nothing. my replaytv is connected to my network using a 802.11b wireless ethernet bridge if that makes any difference.

it just won't show any of the shows i have saved on the replay. can anyone help with this?

- twicebaked - 2004-06-26

i've tried everything as well. same thing. i can see the video files on my 4050 but they won't play.

6/26 here is an update. still can't get it working. but if i use dvarchive to download the file from my replaytv to my pc then move it to my smb share i can watch anything that my replaytv records. oh well better than nothing.

- Teecee - 2004-07-02

give your replay tv box a static ip. then edit the xboxmediacenter.xml file. there are a few lines that talk about replay tv towards the bottom of the file. enter in the ip address of your replay tv there and save the file back to yoru xbox. i just set it up last night and works. although the video and audio skips.

- waynethexboxguy - 2004-07-03


can you please post the replaytv section of your .xml file? i did mine and i see the dvarchive but not the replaytv. i must be doing something wrong.

here's mine:

- <bookmark>
<name>workgroups (smb)</name>
- <bookmark>
- <bookmark>
<name>rtv dvarchive</name>



- twicebaked - 2004-07-06

i had my replay and xbox setup just like that and it wasn't working. however since i put a copy of xbmc v1.0 it is working like a champ. no problems what so ever with video or audio. i did not have to edit the replay portion of the xml at all. the files still show up with the wrong file size but who cares it works. i haven't had a chance to check if the dvarchive portion is working but i'll update this post when i test it.

xbmc kicks ass!!!!! :kickass:

- JodaFL - 2004-07-13

i had the same problem, but i enabled synchronize time in the settings and now i can stream from the replay :idea:

- Slack - 2004-07-14

ensure that your xbmc is getting it's time from a internet time server. if that's no an option. examine the time on your replaytv & when the minute rolls over, set the time on your xbox (have it booted to ms dashboard, ready & waiting). reboot to xbmc & streaming should work.

networked replaytvs (& dvarchive boxes) must be within 40 seconds of each other (time-wise) for streaming to work. or so i've read.

- kevth - 2004-08-21

the xbox see's my replaytv and i can even browse the shows on the replaytv, but when i click to play them, the xbox just sits there.  is there a tweak or somthing i have to reconfigfure?

- socalmoney - 2004-08-23

i am having the same problem, i can browse all the recordings but can not play any of them.

any help would be great.