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Start Window - pnussbau - 2021-01-04

I have the new TMM Version 4.0.7 and if I start TMM, first I have to resize the window, becaus its bigger than my acreen. In the old free version , TMM opened in the same size as I the last session endet. Where can I set the size of the window?

RE: Start Window - mlaggner - 2021-01-04

I suppose you have maximized the tmm window.. storing the bounds with a maximized windows is not implemented. just try to resize the window size until it fits your screen and close tmm so that this value gets stored

RE: Start Window - pnussbau - 2021-01-04

Thanks for your answer
I did't maximized the Window, but after youre tip I do this and then I normalize the Window and maximized afterwards. Then I close the Window and open it again. After I normalize the size of the window I have a small window and I resize it to to the size what I prefer. Then I close the window and open again and , I wundering the size is what i want. The result of this is, close the window in maximized mode and the you can setup the size and afterwards it openes with the correct size
Many Thanks

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