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RE: Testflight access to beta version - amasephy - 2024-03-13

Definitely the right call. I will review the new builds later today. Very excited about these changes.

I’m a bit confused as to why there are two new builds. What should be tested in 42?

For old iOS device I still have my 6s which has an old version of iOS. Not sure which. I have an even older 5 laying around too. If I have some time I can dig them out and test. Not going to lie though, this is low on my list of things to do.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - Buschel - 2024-03-13

.42 you can skip.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - amasephy - 2024-03-13

Navigation bar not transparent in iOS 13.

Noticed what I believe to be a bug as well - despite my iPhone 6s being significantly smaller than my 15 - the text for genre, duration, and especially movie rating in the library and playlist views is significantly smaller on my 15 than it is on my 6s. This makes no sense whatsoever. It’s so much more readable on my smaller screen because of how much bigger the text is. This has to be a bug, right?

By the way, not a big issue but the new enlarged play pause button in now playing slightly overlaps the “music, video, photo” playlist row.

Thoughts on the new changes for this build:

I love it! The new app wide gradient is so much better. The blurred background is terrific. The fast dissolve animation is superb.

Something I just noticed while testing, and seems to be on old builds too: the poster art in now playing flickers when you bring up the details overlay. Any idea what could be causing that?

Edit: The high res codec label bug is back. I noticed a slight flicker and did a recording. It appears for a split second as the info overlay is loading. No other codecs labels are visible at that moment.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - Buschel - 2024-03-14

Thanks for also checking on iOS13. I will ask @kambala to trigger another build with a change which should fix this for iOS13. Would be great, if you could then recheck.

On the other topics:
  1. HiRes. I could not the flickering, but the code showed that this could happen. Fixed it.
  2. Tiny overlap of playlist toolbar with play controls I can confirm and have fixed as well.
  3. Font sizes: In thew simulator then font sizes look correct to me, iPod 7G < iPhone 6s < iPhone 14. But maybe this is related to the physical size of the devices? I am using the device UI width to scale the icons, and this is a logical size. Screenshots: https://ibb.co/WFZLFRc
    If this this looks different for you, can you make screenshots from your 6s and 15 and share them ?
  4. Flickering off the NowPlaying cover I was not able to observe. You have a special use case for that?

RE: Testflight access to beta version - amasephy - 2024-03-14

I can check iOS 13 again since I already have the phone out and charged. Not a problem at all.

For #3 the difference was obvious. But I wasn’t referring to the now playing screen. Look at the movies library list view. I can also take a picture of the two phones next to each other. The movie rating text was nearly 30% larger. Hard to believe that the larger the phone the smaller the text. That almost sounds like a DPI scaling issue. Larger resolution causes text size to decrease. I did not think this was an issue on iOS though. Also, it doesn’t affect the movie title text size. Just the other elements I mentioned.

#4 - this was happening consistently with the first episode of a show I was watching last night. Then the second show I watched it didn’t happen. I will keep monitoring this.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - Buschel - 2024-03-14

Ah, ok. I also expect a DPI effect here.

Sharing a picture would help me to look at the same topic. But I don‘t expect this to be a new effect, but rather something not dealt with yet.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - amasephy - 2024-03-14

I agree, likely has been an issue for a long while. I imagine few people are comparing text sizes across different devices.

Will provide device screenshots and photo of two devices side by side later today.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - UlfSchmidt - 2024-03-14

Hi @Buschel,

Is it by intention that the playback controls are now always visible (on iPad), even when there is no playback at all? And they also sit now directly on the bottom bar, this looks a little bit off.

From your discussion with @amasephy I would also expect to have some background graphics when looking at the Now Playing screen, and in fact if I look very closely there are some shades. Maybe it’s just darkened too much?

And what do think about moving the Hi Res Audio logo to the upper left corner of the screen, symmetrical to the Close button on the right? Would imho look much better and not so “squeezed in”.

And in order to be able to reach the playback controls easily while full screen browsing an additional button in the bottom bar would be useful. (Yes, I know I am repeating myself Smile )

Thanks for consideration.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - Buschel - 2024-03-14

But otherwise good to go, I hope? Wink
  1. Play controls always: Yes, by intention. This is same on iPhone. It must show on full screen even if nothing is playing. Otherwise you cannot go back to split screen -- at least with current layout.
  2. Blurred cover is not supported yet for iPad. iPad has the grey (with this rework changed from average color to grey) fanart background. I am planning to provide a blurred cover for the whole screen in case it is enabled. But I will not hold back the current changes because of this.
  3. NowPlaying button: I did not forget this. But I will do this later.
  4. HiRes logo: Personally I'd like to keep it near the sampling rate and bit depth. There it logically belongs. Moving it upper left might balance the layout, but disconnects from this info.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - Buschel - 2024-03-14

1.15 build 4264.44

New UI rework build with few fixes around HiRes icon flickering and tiny overlap of playlist toolbar with play controls. Also needs retesting on iOS13 to confirm the transparent top/bottom works on NowPlaying screen.

Edit: First issue I just found is that that "overlap" fix now causes a regression which lets you see parts of the playlist in a small gap between toolbar and play controls on iPhone 14 Pro. Will look into this.
Edit 2: Fixed it. The problem was a wrong height for the playlist table itself. This was wrong since ages and just hidden by the toolbar being too low. Now these objects have correct dimensions.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - UlfSchmidt - 2024-03-14

(2024-03-14, 20:58)Buschel Wrote: But otherwise good to go, I hope? Wink

As I wrote ten days ago: I really love everything coming with your rework! Smile

RE: Testflight access to beta version - Buschel - 2024-03-14

Few last tests around iOS13 and then we're good to go. But the code (and these are quite some changes) also needs to pass @kambala 's review. Wink

After that I can start looking at NowPlaying icon for bottom toolbar on iPad, blurred cover for iPad and the other stuff I have already prepared (menu rework, power action menu, ...). Quite some, but I am looking forward to see this in the app.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - amasephy - 2024-03-14

Will test iOS 13 later.

Initial thoughts on new build…

I too see the gap in playlist view now as well.

I’m not seeing the hi res label anymore but honestly this will need more testing on my end. It was never consistently happening. Varying between different videos whether it appeared or not.

I am experiencing the text justification jumping between left justified and filling the entire row. Screenshots as follows:



RE: Testflight access to beta version - Buschel - 2024-03-14

  1. HiRes logo is working as intended here, without flickering.
  2. Fixed the missing justified alignment. This was also not caused by the UI rework, but an old bug.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - amasephy - 2024-03-14

Transparency is fixed on iOS 13.

Here’s the DPI issue.



Should be pretty obvious there’s a major discrepancy.

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