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RE: Testflight access to beta version - UlfSchmidt - 2023-03-03

Nothing important, was just curious… Thanks!

RE: Testflight access to beta version - Buschel - 2023-03-09

13.0 build 3778
Release Notes

This first build towards 13.0 starts with some coding style changes, a translation update and a fix for a potential crash. The next build will have first refactoring and a new feature.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - Buschel - 2023-03-11

First issue found. The new build misses the shortcut icons to go to NowPlaying and Remote Screen on iPhone navigation bar. Revenge of the non-tested device after rebasing. Will look into this over weekend.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - amasephy - 2023-03-17

Hi Buschel,

Something I have noticed for maybe the last couple of releases. Wasn’t sure if it was a local issue or app issue but thinking it might be app related.

When loading Tv show details page for the first time it’s very slow to load the artwork. The spinner sticks around for quite awhile before displaying the poster art.

This process is much faster for movies.

Interestingly, if you load show details for a show you have not viewed details for, see the spinner, quickly back out of show details, then re-enter the show details the artwork displays immediately. This is actually faster than waiting for the poster artwork to load with a single attempt.

Note, I have been going through and rebuilding my libraries artwork with very high resolution artwork so I assume this plays into it a little. It doesn’t explain why my workaround is faster though.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - UlfSchmidt - 2023-03-17

I never experienced this (a spinner never appeared Smile ) on my iPad, but my artwork is only „Full HD“, i.e. 1920 x 1080.
So maybe in fact related to a higher resolution or maybe to the number of series - I have less than 50 TV shows on my NAS.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - Buschel - 2023-03-17

@amasephy, I can only imagine this depends on the size of your images. For both the thumb/cover and the background fanart there is a similar logic:
1. Check if image can be loaded from image cache
2. If yes, done. -> This is most likely what you see when entering a second time
3. If no, load the image from the URL -> This is what seems to take longer for the first.
   - first, cancel any running download attempt
   - then, attempt to download the image

What I cannot say is why leaving the detail view and re-entering already seems to allow the image cache to work or why cancel/new attempt is faster. To reproduce I can also try to use very large images.

PS: While reading through this code I found some glitches, e.g. with activated jewel covers the spinner should vanish right away, even when the image is not yet loaded. amasephy, could you quickly check this with your setup where the loading times are long and make this visible? Also, I am sure it possible to simplify the code related to jewel vs. non-jewel thumbs. I already did the same for NowPlaying which will be merged in the next weeks.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - amasephy - 2023-03-17

Just tested, with jewel enabled it never showed a spinner but waiting probably 10 seconds the image finally appeared. 

It is absolutely faster to use my work around though. Even if you were to consider the possibility that it’s loading the image silently in the background after exiting, that wouldn’t explain why it’s so much faster to use my work around. 

fwiw, most of my artwork is 4k. I use Ember Media Manager to get the images.

Edit: I just tested with iPad. Same experience. However, due to the nature of the floating panes, my workaround on iPhone does not work on iPad. iPhone seems to unload the pane that shows the details. It is doing this that allows it to display it more quickly when load, unload, load happens.

For test comparison I can load same show on both iPad and iPhone at the same time, leave iPad alone, and use work around on iPhone and before iPad has loaded the image iPhone with work around will be done.

@UlfSchmidt - I have around 50 shows as well, with many hundreds of episodes. I can’t imagine the number of shows would affect anything g though as you only view show details one show at a time. The banner art for all the shows loads just fine. Which is interesting as one would think loading in banners from many shows, each with around 1k resolution (the max banners are sized) would be slower than loading a single high resolution poster. I really think something is not working right.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - Buschel - 2023-03-17

Hmm, this looks like hidden inside SDWebImage, an open source library used inside the App. I hope someone else has the motivation to look into this topic. I simply do not have the time to debug this code.

The current SDWebImage version is 3.2 (11 years old) with some additional code changes:
- reducing the resolution of dowloaded images to the displayed size. I guess this was done to save space on the the iOS device.
- migration to NSURLSessionDataTask which I just did
- some other stuff I need to walk through

I can pretty easily upgrade this to 3.8.3, which had its last updates about 2.5 years back. Maybe it's worthwhile to just make a test build and let this be checked by @amasephy.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - amasephy - 2023-03-18

More than happy to give it a try if you are up for taking the time to implement it for a special test build.

11 years ago space was a much bigger concern for idevices than today. Still, 4k images can be excessively large.

Sounds like that component could use an update anyway given the significantly newer version available.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - Buschel - 2023-03-18

@amasephy, there are now two TF builds available to test your case:
  • 1.13 build 13779 (SWWebImage_noscaling) -> This is the same as last TF build and just disables the scaling of images.
  • 1.13 build 3780 (update-sdwebImage_3.8.3) -> This uses a newer version of the open source library and also does not scale anymore
When testing you might need to remove the cache again (either removing the App or use the App setting to delete cache at next start).

@kambala, thanks for providing the test builds!

RE: Testflight access to beta version - amasephy - 2023-03-18

Thanks for the two builds. Unfortunately I don’t notice a difference with either build. Interestingly not all poster art takes a long time to load. I’m going to have to look at the art files and see what kind of difference there is between shows.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - Buschel - 2023-03-18

Thanks for testing. At last the library works. Smile Which is good as the new version 3.8.3 is anyway desired -- it should fix several bugs.

I also configured Kodi to support more than 1080p (normally all images with higher resolution are scaled down to this) and tested with two images with about 4000x2000 px, one of  <1 MB size, the other of >8 MB size. The is no real difference in loading time. Maybe your pictures use a specific format, e.g. progressive jpg. If you can share an example file, I can have a look at it.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - amasephy - 2023-03-19

I looked at several. There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason for the variance.

In this case Roseanne is slow to load the image, but the image isn’t 4k. It’s sub 2k. There are 290 episodes but it doesn’t seem like that should slow down the loading of this poster image.

Here’s the poster -


Also I’m now just noticing that it may be the actor art that is slowing things down. If I quickly scroll down I can see that actor portraits are a little slow to load in and until they finish, the spinner is active. Poster art must load after the actor portraits. We aren’t talking about a lot of data for the actors. Roseanne has only 2.45mb of actor images.

Maybe this will give you some more insight as to what is causing the slowdown.

RE: Testflight access to beta version - Buschel - 2023-03-19

Looking at "Roseanne" (did set up some 20+ dummy episode video files) there are not even a lot of actors. Would you say that the long loading time happens when you open the details for shows where you have many episodes? And how you load the info? Via long pressing the TV Show or when pressing the info button for a season in the season view?

RE: Testflight access to beta version - amasephy - 2023-03-20

I tested with another show that had 3 episodes that had long load time as well. I thought that might have had something to do with it but doesn’t seem to matter. That one had larger file resolution but disk size is still small.

When viewing the image from the Files iOS app from my phone on my NAS it loads immediately. Realistically we are talking a handful of megabytes for all of this artwork for a show.

I’m accessing details by going to TV shows menu in app and then long pressing the banner.

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