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Possible to buffer record? - Bmelz - 2021-03-12

Sometimes I'll be watching a show and 10 mins in I realize I want to record it. Ill do an ad-hoc record but understandably it'll only record from when I start recording.

My question is, is there a way to automatically buffer record last 15 mins of active watching?

So basically, every time you tune to a channel it'll start recording automatically. If I start an ad-hoc recording then I'll potentially have up to the last 15 mins of the episode.

Obviously would need to rely on EPG but would be sweet if something existed....also would probably want some sort of redundant raid setup.

RE: Possible to buffer record? - emveepee - 2021-03-12

The core V5 PVR from sub doesn't offer this yet, but it was available in older versions  as "EPG code" I also like this mode so I created an experimental utility that seems to work for me.  Basically it captures buffered data from any users watching live TV on that channel and tries to create a new combined file if it can, otherwise the buffer is saved alongside the NextPVR recording.  It's .netcore so it should run on all NextPVR platforms.

More info here https://forums.nextpvr.com/showthread.php?tid=60387

Please follow up on the NextPVR forum if you are interested.


RE: Possible to buffer record? - Vision plus - 2021-03-15

Pernona q me entrometa en este asynto pero nececito ayuda y no se como escribir un mesaje publico por eso ke escrivo por aki yo tengo una tarjeta vision plus por satelite donde beo los canales pero yo quisiera verlos en el kodi y conpartirlo para otra pc
En el next pvr me be la tarjeta pero no me eacanea los canales q puedo hacer salu2 les agradeceria si me ayudan

RE: Possible to buffer record? - emveepee - 2021-03-15

@Vision plus I likely responded to you here https://forums.nextpvr.com/showthread.php?tid=62381&pid=554152#pid554152  On this forum and on the NextPVR please post in English and please don't hijack other threads.


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