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only wall and Roller in music view? - jojo323 - 2008-08-20

Hi guys

Sorry i am quite new to xbmc i have installed aeon skin annd its quite nice only 1 thing bothers me.
When i am in my music area the only 2 possible views i get is wall or roller
My directory structure is Musik/Bandname/Albumname
Wall is quite nice to view the different Bands but i wish i could choose list view for the album overview and the navigation inside the albumfolder, or even coverflow for the overview and list inside.

I already found the view config are but it doesnt allow other views 2 can some1 tell me what I am doin wrong.?
P.S. I am not a native english speaker so plz excuse all possible errors

- Rand Al Thor - 2008-08-20

You are not doing anything wrong. There are in fact only two views available in the music view section. I have created a mod that adds a few more views. Perhaps check that out and see if it gives you the variety that you seek. Cheers.