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RE: Weblate registrations - Klojum - 2022-06-22

(2022-06-22, 14:32)zbuzanic Wrote: hi, please add me to croatian,

Your wish has been granted.

RE: Weblate registrations - gabpull - 2022-07-31

User gabpull will translate Spanish

RE: Weblate registrations - Klojum - 2022-07-31

(2022-07-31, 18:51)gabpull Wrote: User gabpull will translate Spanish

Is that spanish for Spain, or spanish for Mexico or Argentina?

RE: Weblate registrations - Gade - 2022-08-01

Hi @gabpull.

Thanks for your interest in this project.

I have accepted most of your suggestions and added you to the Spanish (Mexico) translation team.
Please let us know if that's correct.

RE: Weblate registrations - mateju - 2022-08-23

I started Slovenian. Where can I check who else is active and who is the reviewer. There are some inconsistencies to be resolved.


RE: Weblate registrations - Gade - 2022-08-23

Hi @mateju

You're actually the only one on the Slovenian language team.
There's no reviewer/coordinator.

I granted you reviewer/coordinator permissions.

You now also have permissions to review and approve strings.
And also to edit, review, add and maintain the glossary.

RE: Weblate registrations - mateju - 2022-08-24

Oh, perfect!
Thank you for a prompt reply.

See you at 100% Wink

RE: Weblate registrations - Gade - 2022-08-24

Haha sounds like a deal!
Thanks Wink

RE: Weblate registrations - Coool - 2022-09-25


Can you add me to Latvian and Russian team, so I can contribute? Right now read only.


RE: Weblate registrations - Gade - 2022-09-27

Hi @Coool and welcome to the forums.

I have added you to the Russian language team as well.
Latvian as coordinator/reviewer/translator (all permissions) and Russian as translator.

Thanks for your help.

RE: Weblate registrations - Coool - 2022-09-27

@Gabe, thanks 🙏.

RE: Weblate registrations - Yusan007 - 2022-10-07

[font]I am willing to participate in the Uyghur translation project[/font]

RE: Weblate registrations - Klojum - 2022-10-07

(2022-10-07, 19:36)Yusan007 Wrote: Uyghur translation project

I can't see that particular language in the listings, so @Gade will have to pull some strings.

RE: Weblate registrations - Gade - 2022-10-08

(2022-10-07, 19:36)Yusan007 Wrote: I am willing to participate in the Uyghur translation project

Hi @Yusan007 and @Klojum.

We could create Uyghur language at Weblate but it will require some info.

We need to create a langinfo.xml file with the correct info, eg.

I'm a little hesitant creating a new empty language.
We recently did this for two languages (Occitan and Tagalog), where the translators wrote to spend a lot of time maintaining translations.
They both left a short while after, resulting in somewhat empty unmaintained languages.

@Klojum, what are your thoughts?

RE: Weblate registrations - Klojum - 2022-10-08


He says he is willing to "participate". Right now he would be the first translator for this language, so he would be solely responsible for the bulk if not all the core translations.

So @Yusan007 , I don't want to downplay your enthusiasm, but how much effort will you be able to put in to translating the basics of Kodi, which will not be a small task...?

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