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RE: Weblate registrations - Gade - 2021-09-24

(2021-09-24, 21:16)ThomB Wrote:
(2021-09-24, 09:18)Klojum Wrote:
(2021-09-24, 09:15)ThomB Wrote: I would like to help for the translation into French.

We have French (France) and French (Canada) on offer.
I'm not sure how much difference there is between those two, but do you care to pick one, or two?

I'm not sure either of the difference so I prefer to pick only French (France) since I live in France and I don't want to mistranslate things for my friends in Canada ^_^

Makes a lot of sense Smile

I have added you to the French (France) language team.

Thanks for helping out.

RE: Weblate registrations - matchuek - 2021-09-27

Hi there,

@matchuek wants to contribute to the de_DE-branch.

kind regards

RE: Weblate registrations - Gade - 2021-09-27

Hi @matchuek

You already added to the German language team.
I sent you an email some days ago.


RE: Weblate registrations - RogueScholar - 2021-09-29

User 'RogueScholar' will translate Portuguese (Portugal) [pt_PT].

RE: Weblate registrations - Gade - 2021-09-29

Hi @RogueScholar.

I added you to the Portuguese (Portugal) language team.
Thanks! Smile

RE: Weblate registrations - psp2111-ADSLGATE - 2021-09-29


User "psp2111-ADSLGATE" will join Arabic language team

didn't know you guys in transition state from Transifex to Weblate, I tried to register to Transifex half year ago but didn't get a answer from you. 
anyway I already translate all the strings in "kodi.core" and "skin.estuary" to arabic months ago and tried to contact you directly at Github.

My question is can i add my translated "strings.po" files directly in weblate? or I have to edit the old one line by line?

RE: Weblate registrations - Gade - 2021-10-03

Hi @psp2111-ADSLGATE

I added you to the Arabic (Saudi Arabia) language team.

Everything is now fully moved and working at Weblate.
I prefer if you do not upload translation files at Weblate, but use the interface to translate or copy/paste strings.
Uploading translated files can lead to a lot of errors.

Thanks so much for your interest.

RE: Weblate registrations - dsardelic - 2021-10-16

Hi guys! User @dsardelic will join the Croatian (hr_hr) team.

RE: Weblate registrations - Gade - 2021-10-16

Hi @dsardelic and welcome to the forums.

I have added you to the Croatian language team.

RE: Weblate registrations - sharklatan - 2021-10-17

hello people can I help in these languages

Spanish (Argentina)
Spanish (Mexico)

RE: Weblate registrations - Klojum - 2021-10-17

(2021-10-17, 19:25)sharklatan Wrote: hello people can I help in these languages

Welcome and thanks!
Yes, you have been added to both teams.

RE: Weblate registrations - mofa2016 - 2021-10-28

Hi, my nickname on Weblate is mofa2016, I previously worked on Chinese translations for EMBY, hope that I can join the translation group for kodi. 


RE: Weblate registrations - Gade - 2021-10-28

Hi @mofa2016

That sounds great.
We truly appreciate all the help we can get.

Would you like to tranlate to Chinese (China / zh_cn) or Chinese (Taiwan / zh_tw)?

RE: Weblate registrations - mofa2016 - 2021-10-29

(2021-10-28, 21:09)Gade Wrote: Hi @mofa2016

That sounds great.
We truly appreciate all the help we can get.

Would you like to tranlate to Chinese (China / zh_cn) or Chinese (Taiwan / zh_tw)?
Chinese (China / zh_cn) is fine

RE: Weblate registrations - sating00 - 2021-10-29


I would like to join zh_tw group for translate

Contributed translate before:


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