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RE: Weblate registrations - AlekSS - 2022-04-04


RE: Weblate registrations - budaestew - 2022-05-04

Hi, My weblate username is @budaestew I want to join Korean translation.

RE: Weblate registrations - Klojum - 2022-05-05

(2022-05-04, 21:53)budaestew Wrote: I want to join Korean translation.

Welcome, you have been added to the Korean language team.

RE: Weblate registrations - a.sure - 2022-05-10

Hi! Could you add me to the Ukrainian team?
Thanks. :-)

RE: Weblate registrations - a.sure - 2022-05-10

The nickname is the same as there.

RE: Weblate registrations - Gade - 2022-05-10

Absolutely, you have been added.

Thanks for joining and welcome to the team.

RE: Weblate registrations - MarkusEh - 2022-05-22


Please add me to the German language team. Weblate user same as here (MarkusEh)

Thanks, Markus

RE: Weblate registrations - Klojum - 2022-05-22

(2022-05-22, 18:14)MarkusEh Wrote: Please add me to the German language team. Weblate user same as here (MarkusEh)

As per a quick check, I see we already have 10 members in the German translation team, as well as a reviewer.
So I'm not sure if we still need to add another translator at this time. We'll contact the translation team and come back to you.

Weblate registrations - ksooo - 2022-05-22

(2022-05-22, 18:14)MarkusEh Wrote: Hi,

Please add me to the German language team. Weblate user same as here (MarkusEh)

Thanks, Markus

If you want to contribute, you don’t need to be a translation team member. Just comment or make suggestions and the team members will pick that up the one or the other way.

RE: Weblate registrations - MarkusEh - 2022-05-22


I just wanted to translate my own plugin "plugin-video-vdr-recordings" to my mother language, and thought I could take advantage of the Weblate features and UI.
I can also edit the po files, of course.

~ Markus

RE: Weblate registrations - skypichat - 2022-05-26

Please add me
French (France) (fr_fr)
Same name as here skypichat


RE: Weblate registrations - Gade - 2022-05-26

Hi @skypichat

You're added to the French (France) language team.

Thanks a lot.

RE: Weblate registrations - skypichat - 2022-05-26

I did a lot of with some Add-on.
Maybe the french add-on can be updated? (If its plugin is for all the add-on)

Number of entries 358
kodi-add-ons-audio-decodersencoders/audiodecoder-2sf 1
kodi-add-ons-context-menus/context-item-extras 5
kodi-add-ons-information-providers/metadata-album-universal 1
kodi-add-ons-information-providers/metadata-artists-universal 1
kodi-add-ons-information-providers/metadata-generic-albums 2
kodi-add-ons-information-providers/metadata-generic-artists 11
kodi-add-ons-information-providers/metadata-themoviedb-org-python 1
kodi-add-ons-information-providers/metadata-tvshows-themoviedb-org-python 8
kodi-add-ons-information-providers/metadata-universal 25
kodi-add-ons-look-and-feel/screensaver-picture-slideshow 2
kodi-add-ons-look-and-feel/visualization-milkdrop 3
kodi-add-ons-music/plugin-audio-radio_de 10
kodi-add-ons-scripts/script-artistslideshow 3
kodi-add-ons-scripts/script-cu-lrclyrics 20
kodi-add-ons-scripts/script-embuary-info 2
kodi-add-ons-scripts/script-globalsearch 8
kodi-add-ons-skins/skin-aeon-nox-silvo 152
kodi-add-ons-weather/weather-multi 91
kodi-remotes/kore 1

RE: Weblate registrations - Gade - 2022-05-27

Thanks so much for all your great work. We really appreciate it.

Weblate will push all new translations to the addon repositories every 5 days or similar, depending on the settings chosen by each addon developer.
Once translations are pushed to the repositories it's up to the addon developer to release a new version.

I have manually pushed all your translations to the addon repositories.

I push out new official language addons (resource.language.*) from time to time.

RE: Weblate registrations - zbuzanic - 2022-06-22

hi, please add me to croatian, there are few mistakes that bothers me so I want to fix it. Thank you.

username: zvonimir.buzanic

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