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ISO Video Playback - antknee9 - 2021-07-10

Hi I am having trouble playing back a couple of videos using ISO format. I have all my videos in ISO and only seeing these two videos with the issue. The issue is when I select a TV season I want to watch the file open,  then from the Season episode list I select an episode, it opens the video with no issues however when I select the TV episode I want to watch it closes the video out and goes back to the TV episode selection screen. I am using windows and I also tried on my Amazon Fire TV same thing. Using VLC media player I am able to playback the videos in ISO without any issues. I do not use VLC media player it was only for testing purposes. I was able to play the video back in Kodi using Video TS Format however I prefer ISO Format. I created two log files since I'm not sure which one would help better. Also if it makes a difference I'm having trouble with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 14.

https://paste.kodi.tv/dorupivuge.kodi         https://paste.kodi.tv/ocomegafox.kodi

Cheers and many thanks

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