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RE: m-TVGuide - Kangool - 2021-11-30

my kollege do some little modifications about notifications, also i do my own page up and down buttons, position of the clock....and many little things in the xmls...font and so on

RE: m-TVGuide - M89SE - 2021-11-30

@Kangool The file you uploaded don't contain any changes from skin.default, please check if you have sent me the correct file. I made a file diff comparsion between skin.default and skin.defaultmod and got that the files are identical.


RE: m-TVGuide - Kangool - 2021-12-02

ah ok i will look again

RE: m-TVGuide - Jönke - 2021-12-03

How do i set up Telia play Sweden with epg from https://www.honeybee.it/xmltv ? I cant get no channels / no epg match..

RE: m-TVGuide - M89SE - 2021-12-03

@Jönke I can't see any EPG content, seems to be blocked by a subscription. If you can provide me the channels id I could add support.

By default EPG should match for eg. SVT 1:


Or you could add specific channel id to basemap_se.xml

RE: m-TVGuide - Jönke - 2021-12-03

ok here is my epg https://paste.kodi.tv/tipolosuvi

RE: m-TVGuide - M89SE - 2021-12-03

@Jönke Should recognize the channel ids now, try restart the addon.

Telia Play catchup fix:

RE: m-TVGuide - Jönke - 2021-12-03

Thx but same issue

I Will pm my log

RE: m-TVGuide - M89SE - 2021-12-03

@Jönke  Sry, I forgot to save the updates I made on our server. Try again and restart the addon.

RE: m-TVGuide - Jönke - 2021-12-03

Still no go.. 
Just to make sure , same .zip as above?

RE: Skins - xDetoursx - 2021-12-19

Hi, thanks for taking this on.

Is there a place where people can post their skins and shows the various screenshots of the different skins?

RE: m-TVGuide - M89SE - 2021-12-19

@xDetoursx You can post your skin here, if it meets the requirements and with your permission I will upload it on our server and make it official.

RE: m-TVGuide - Jönke - 2022-01-05

@M89SE  any chance that you could add support for https://github.com/add-ons/service.iptv.manager/issues/63
I would love to be able to use Telia play in Kodi pvr Smile

"IPTV Manager integrates your Kodi add-on live streams and VOD content in Kodi's TV/Radio sections and TV guide interface.
We are ready now to promote IPTV Manager support wider to the Kodi add-on community, because:
It is now part of the official Kodi add-ons
It is pretty well documented and standardized (JSON-EPG and JSON-STREAMS)
It is made easy to add support
It offers a nice user experience to users and works out-of-the-box
It enables add-ons to coexist when using PVR IPTV Simple
Add-ons that are applicable for IPTV Manager integration are add-ons that are typically providing access to broadcasted content. They fulfill one or both requirements:
Has live TV streams
Has EPG data and VOD content"

RE: m-TVGuide - M89SE - 2022-01-05

@Jönke Sorry to say, but this will not be supported.

RE: m-TVGuide - Kangool - 2022-01-07

hi @M89SE 

sorry i had many work and now was holidays

here the standart skin with little modifications

is realy very little


i must look when i have time to make a good modded skin...
but know i working again on my stalker plugin...i can now get all vods and i get also all tokens...but i have a litte problem to get onlz the js from selected categorz and not always all
may you can take a look https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=366377&pid=3079453#pid3079453

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