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RetroPlayer support for RetroArch's “Automatic Frame” rendering feature? - RockerC - 2022-01-14

RetroArch 1.9.13 will on top of the previously requested runahead feature as well feature a brand new feature called "Automatic Frame Delay" which is also aimed at latency reduction:


This new feature provides an effective way to avoid having to configure a specific value for the “Frame Delay” option for each and every core and individual piece of content that you may want to run, by automatically tuning down its strength based on your system performance.
This is yet another contribution that empowers our long-standing efforts in reducing input latency to the lowest extent possible. We feel this new addition also gives us a good opportunity to delve further into the inner workings behind the concept of “Frame Delay” and briefly explain what purpose this functionality serves and how we generally advise our users to apply it.


Missed it but noticed now by the way there was some discussion about "Runahead for RetroPlayer" as a possible GSOC 2020 project:

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