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- Kobazz - 2004-05-19

hi, i came across a small bug. in the settings screen. when cursor is located on button "general" pressing up doesnt work. the cursor won't go to the bottom of the menu.

- Kobazz - 2004-05-20

another one.

when going to settings->my videos during movie play. a black bar shows over the buttons screen cal. filters, sr subs.

- onkel bouncy - 2004-05-21

will fix it in next version.

- Kobazz - 2004-06-01

hi, uncle are you planning to skin the osd/contro panel also?

- onkel bouncy - 2004-06-02

yes, but i will change only some small graphics of the osd for xbmc 1.0 (hifi skin 2.0 final).
i'm very busy now, sorry.