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Movie sets only shown in "Movies" entry - Ohsmc - 2022-05-09

Hi all,

new to the forum and hope this is the correct place to ask this question.

I'm running a fresh Kodi install from the official image on a raspberry pi. I use the AeonNox skin. My data is on an attached HDD, with the movies in separate folders (3D, regular movies, fairy tails, etc.). I'm happy to provide further details if needed.

I have added my separate folders from the HDD, set the content to movies, scraped (tested all pre-installed scrapers), created skin menu items, selected "Show movies sets" and all the movies show up as expected. The only thing missing is, that the movies all show up separately and not in sets, where appropriate.

In case this matters. I  created the menu items in a way, that I shows as: ActivateWindow(Videos,library://videos/,return)

The only place I can see the sets, is under files, in a folder named "Movies", next to the folders I added. This seems to be a generic folder, as I haven't added it and it's showing all my movies combined.

My question now is, how can I make the sets visible in the menu entries I created? Any help is greatly appreciated.

RE: Movie sets only shown in "Movies" entry - Ohsmc - 2022-05-09

Tried for days to get the sets and just after I asked for help, I found the solution. Instead of choosing "Files", I had to choose "Movies" as a display mode for the menu items. Problem solved.

Movie sets only shown in "Movies" entry - Klojum - 2022-05-09

Thread marked solved.

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