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Hi Nexus! - Philip_Arthur_Dent - 2023-01-25

Hi it seems as if there is a new Filmon PVR client 2.3.0 for Nexus users, looking at the webpages, but there is nothing in the mirrors to download.
Does anyone have the time to compile it since I just get a compatibility error when I try the pvr.filmon-20.2.1.zip.
In Nexus Kodi it got automatically Disabled.
It is not urgent but if it is on the Nexus list of addons then..


RE: Hi Nexus! - Fuzzard - 2023-01-25

Should be fixed now. Might take a couple hours to hit all the mirrors

RE: Hi Nexus! - Philip_Arthur_Dent - 2023-01-25

Thank you!!!!!!
Works like a charm.
Much obliged.

Hi Nexus! - Klojum - 2023-01-25

Thread marked solved.

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