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icons in list view - kknull - 2008-09-18

Hi, is it possible to remove the icons on the left in the media menu? I am using an old 4:3 tv and the space for the names of the file is very small...
with mediastream skin I can do this

- CHI3f - 2008-09-19

There is no skin option to do it. You would have to edit the xml file that controls that view (CommonViewTypes.xml).

- kknull - 2008-09-19

I'm trying to edit "ListView" in CommonViewTypes.xml . I can modify correctly the list, but I can't find the code for the big icons on the left...

- CHI3f - 2008-09-20

includes.xml. The include starts on line 108.

- kknull - 2008-09-20

ok, it works Big Grin
last question:
I have created a new list ("list3"): I added it to the correct section (I.E. myvideo.xml), but the list is shown only if I choose an ID like 51,53 ecc., but if I choose 60 the list is not created.... why?

- CHI3f - 2008-09-20

You can only use 50 - 59. those are the control numbers set aside for list views in XBMC.

- migueld - 2008-09-20

Are you asking about the thumbnail on the left? There is an option under System --> Skin --> Media Views --> Hide Thumbs in List View

With that set the filenames don't get cropped and list view is more usable.

- migueld - 2008-09-20

Oh nevermind, I though you were on media stream -.-