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Stretch mode "Original Size" BUG - petes 2.0 - 2023-05-23

Hello, I'm having this issue where every time I select "Original Size" in the Stretch Mode, the screen stretches so much (gets big) that I can't do anything other than reboot Kodi to fix it. The huge size gets stuck even after exiting the emulator. I'm using the NES emulator nestopia but I think it doesn't matter what I use (it's a retroplayer issue).

I tried resetting the guisettings file without luck.

Running on Libreelec Matrix

RE: Stretch mode "Original Size" BUG - garbear - 2023-06-25

I haven't come across this issue before. I'm not sure what could be causing the visual glitch you've described. Can you upload a debug log? If this is caused by an underlying error, the debug log might show the error.

RetroPlayer saw some heavy development for v20 Nexus. I recommend you try v20.1 or v21-alpha-2 and see if the issue still occurs. If so, I can try to reproduce it on my LE hardware.

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