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Artist list incomplete - vonson - 2023-09-12

Hello everybody,

I just noticed that when i list my music library by artists the list is incomplete, some artists won't show up. When I list by album, which I sort by arist/year, they DO show up.
I tested the genre-list, here also the same artist won't be listet, the corresponding genres wont show. But when using the years-list, again, they DO show up.
So no-show in 'artists' and 'genre', but in 'albums' and 'years' they are included. Seems odd to me. Any ideas what might cause and how to fix this? Is this a known issue?


RE: Artist list incomplete - scott967 - 2023-09-13

I assume this is for Kodi v 20.2?  Please confirm.

First thing to check is setting media/music/"show song and album artists" radiobutton.

If "off" please enable.  If on, please enable system debug logging, restart, navigate to music window and open artist node and then year node and select a year.  Exit copy and paste log to paste.kodi.tv.

scott s.

RE: Artist list incomplete - vonson - 2023-09-13

Hey Scott,

thanks for your help. Yes, The Kodi version is 20.2.

And yes, I have "show song and album artists" off on purpose. I have enabled it and checked, the artist still won't show in artists list.
I have created the log following your description (btw, Kodi took quite some time to exit, is this normal on debug logging?)


I forgot to mention that I currently use custom nodes, but the filter rules are identical in all of them, I double checked (filtered by path).

RE: Artist list incomplete - scott967 - 2023-09-13

Unfortunately your log indicates that "script.areswizard" is installed.  In the past "ares" has been banned as facilitating copyright infringement.  I see some comments online that the current script has removed those features, but can't confirm.  Per Team Kodi policy, no forum support can be given when banned addons are installed.  

If you are willing to uninstall script.areswizard and post a new debug log I will take a look.

scott s.

RE: Artist list incomplete - vonson - 2023-09-14

funny, isn't that just a collection of maintenance tools? I did not expect something like this to be considered banned... However, yes, I have removed it, I have not used it in a long time, didn't even know it was still installed. I do not use content providing addons at all, never did.

I have redone the steps above, the new log is here:

RE: Artist list incomplete - scott967 - 2023-09-16

OK have the log and I am reviewing the SQL queries to the database.  I'm not a SQL guru so it will take some time, but I'm hoping the query will point to why you see a difference.

scott s.

RE: Artist list incomplete - jbinkley60 - 2023-09-17

Looking at the log file I see a number of the queries have LIMIT statements in them which would truncate the results.

Line 1992 is a GetRecentlyAddedAlbums query: SELECT albumview.*, albumartistview.* with a limit of 10 .  This looks like your album / artist query.

However line 2074 is a GetYearsNav query: SELECT DISTINCT CAST query with no limit  with no limit.  This appears to be your artist by year query.

and on line 2111 is a GetAlbumsByWhere query: SELECT albumview. query with no limit.  This appears to be your album query. 

I am seeing another query with a limit of 20 in it.  When you aren't seeing everything do you know how many you are seeing  (i.e. 10, 20 etc.. ) ?



RE: Artist list incomplete - vonson - 2023-09-18

Oh it is definitely more. Artists list (missing some entries) is significantly more than 20. There are no limits defined in my nodes.

I hardly ever use the Recently Added Albums listing. Might that be the main menu widget in estuary?

RE: Artist list incomplete - DaveBlake - 2023-09-29

I'm rusty with my Kodi skills so I could be off track, but here goes.
Looking at the log file I can see the SQL filtering the artists to those with music in files with a certain folder path. Someone (or somethingHuh) has edited the artists node, held in xml, and added a path rule.  Check what files you have in userdata/library/music

The default artists.xml file looks like

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<node order="3" type="filter" visible="Library.HasContent(Music)">

If you didn't change artists.xml then I suggest that you consider doing a clean installation.

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