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- rwparris2 - 2008-09-22

Quote:If XBMC already does the things you want it on Xbox, what's the point of this thread? You said you want continued development. What's to develop?

You could just as easily turn that around and ask what's left to develop on non-xbox platforms? That isn't meant to be a sarcastic question... I guess what I'm asking is, if the xbox was of no concern at all, what features would be developed for xbmc that the xbox couldn't currently handle?

- w3__ - 2008-09-22

I'm in the "polish it and then let it go" camp -- DVDPlayer can ALMOST play MKVs encoded with x264... If that could be "finished", and some of bugs with streaming media buffers getting overloaded, etc... Then it's a fine way to go out.

Speaking of which, what's the latest re: DVDPlayer optimizations in that department? :-)

- jmarshall - 2008-09-22

As the guy who actually does the work porting to the xbox, I can tell you the simple reason why (eventually) xbox support will be dropped:

No one wants to do it. It's a boring job. As long as someone comes along and is happy to do the merging work (without help from me) then an xbox build will always be around.

I personally still use the xbox, as I have a crappy old SD TV (well, to be fair it's actually quite a nice old SD TV) and so there is a small amount of interest in doing the merges for my own use. To be honest though, I don't use it enough to warrant me bothering - I do it as a service to the community primarily. I will not do this forever, so someone else will have to front up to do the work. My time is better spent on the actual development effort, as I'm sure you'll all agree.


- Gamester17 - 2008-09-22

althekiller Wrote:Things that need to be considered...

4. Interested Developers. It is hard to remain interested in a platform when your application is being stonewalled by weak hardware disallowing addition of useful features.
This is THE ONLY THING that needs to be considered.

No C++ programmers willing to do the mergers from the SDL branch to the Xbox branch means no updates of XBMC for Xbox, it is as simple as that.

If you guys know of any programmers willing to do this and can first prove themselves please let us know.

PS! If the demand in high enough then at least I plan (a few weeks after Atlantis 'Gold' been released) on doing my best to try to recruit new new Xbox developers to Team-XBMC, programmers who are willing to do this 'boring' job.

- rwparris2 - 2008-09-22

jmarshall Wrote:As the guy who actually does the work porting to the xbox

Well, until the time comes when you decide to quit back porting for us, THANKS!!!

- Voinage - 2008-09-22

I installed xbmc for xbox in pubs for karaoke with a bigger hard-drive and had the units running a youtube select your own jukebox service.

I can go to any cash convertors and get at least 10 at £15 each.

I know i can , i`ve done it a few times.

I understand the limitation factor but it was and still is a great machine.
The majority still use the xbox and therefore it is the perfect testbed platform.

But times change, eh?

Just look at recalcitrant dna theory, keep photocopying the copy and you end up with nothing - forking and platform divergence are good - just remember where the original is.

- exxo - 2008-09-22

I think that development on the Xbox should continue but the ports doesn't have to be 100% the same as the Xbox version of XBMC. You could always add HD stuff and other things to the Linux/Windows/Mac ports. At some point they will all have to go their own ways. Thinking of program support and other things which may be only for the specific port.

- nianhbg - 2008-09-22

Hmm still using XBOX as platform have done that since early versions of xbmp. Haven't deiced yet witch platform to choose.

- C-Quel - 2008-09-22

I ONLY use XBOX so i hope so

- Geeba - 2008-09-22

Xbox All the way on the main TV and other rooms... I do use Windows version but my movie collection is all DVD and Upscaled through the Xbox is more than enough for me... looks fantastic! HD rips coming in at 10-30GIG I just cant store them...

As Voinage says I can walk to town, call at any of the 2nd hand shops or even my local Game store and walk out with a box for £10-£20! Crystals, Blacks and Greens some I bough have been boxed with the celophane still stuck on them so like new. failing that ebay is stacked with them...

Thanks again for XBMC and the team but LONG LIVE XBOX and 733mhz of pure genius!!

4 - joebrady - 2008-09-22

I keep 4 xboxs running XBMC. One in the living room, one in my son's room. one in my truck and a spare one for when someone comes to my house and says "man, where can I get me one of those!" Then I say, "well, it just so happens that I have this spare one here...."

- w3__ - 2008-09-22

Indeed, thanks for all your hard work jmarshall!

- neal73 - 2008-09-22

Xbox here too - I run it 720p on a HDTV, but apart from the nice screens on AEON I don't have HD content to run on it, and the quality of the films I do run is fine for me at the moment.

If development did stop, I don't think I'd worry too much as XBMC runs everything I want it to right now, and does a bloody good job of it. Skins like AEON only help make it better.

Well done to everyone who's contributed on making XBMC what it is today.

- TeknoJnky - 2008-09-22

+1 vote for x-box, however I do concede that I am looking forward to building/selling devices based upon XBMC-Live.

I'd also someday like to see 360/ps3 development, however unlikely that may or may not be.

- CASHMON3Y - 2008-09-22

+1 for linux, even though as of now I only have an xbox version of xbmc, hopefully I will build my HTPC.