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Redbox Live TV and On Demand Movies - MetalChris - 2024-04-23


An add-on for Redbox was requested here some time ago.

I've searched and could not find one, so I went ahead and constructed one myself.

This add-on provides access to the free live "TV channels" and free on demand movies from Redbox - no subscription required. I believe the content is geo-restricted to the U.S. only.

Download from the link below, from my Matrix repo, or from my add-ons page.

Redbox - v 2024.04.03

This is my first attempt at an add-on with DASH streams and while my coding skills are less than optimal, the add-on seems to be working as intended on all of my systems. YMMV, caveat emptor, etc... If you have any issues with the add-on, please enable log notifications in the add-on settings and post a link to a full debug log (wiki).

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