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USB Keyboard freezes Kodi - jureboga - 2024-04-21

Hi, using the (italian) Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard plugged on the USB of my LG C4.
It's working well on all the apps, but if I try to use it in Kodi, when I press a key Kodi freezes.

RE: USB Keyboard freezes Kodi - jureboga - 2024-04-21

After setting Kodi to Italian it doesn't freeze anymore!
There's only an issue: pressing AltGR should switch keyboard layout, but it doesn't.

RE: USB Keyboard freezes Kodi - sundermann - 2024-04-22

Weird, USB keyboards worked fine for except for keycode composition which webOS does not support. That said, the webOS compositor is not known for strictly following the wayland standards

RE: USB Keyboard freezes Kodi - kamdev - 2024-04-23

I have this issue with my LG C1 crashing whenever I press a key on the wireless USB dongle connected keyboard in English. Is there a fix for this? The remote works fine.

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