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DistroTV - MetalChris - 2024-04-30


DistroTV™ puts a world of free TV at your fingertips. DistroTV™ is a free streaming service with over 150 free channels featuring the best free shows and free movies from the US, Canada, UK and all around the world. Watch live shows, live sports, live news, music, movies, and entertainment anytime and anywhere – always for free.

This add-on provides access to the free live "TV channels" and free on demand movies and TV shows available on the DistroTV website. No subscription required. Not sure if the content is geo-restricted or not.

Download from the link below, from my Matrix repo, or from my add-ons page.

DistroTV - v 2024.04.09

DistroTV - v 2024.04.07 (Omega - *disable auto updates for the add-on*)

Tested on Matrix, Nexus, and Omega on Linux systems. YMMV, caveat emptor, etc... If you have any issues with the add-on, please enable log notifications in the add-on settings and post a link to a full debug log (wiki).

RE: DistroTV - barney63 - 2024-04-30

(2024-04-30, 15:26)MetalChris Wrote: DistroTV - v 2024.04.07
Is this version 2024.04.05 or is there a 2024.04.07 version.

Good addon, doesn't seem to be geolocked.  On Demand section works well and has good content.  There is a fair amount of Desi/Bollywood content as well.

Working well on Kodi 21/Win 10/DistroTV - v 2024.04.05

RE: DistroTV - MetalChris - 2024-04-30

(2024-04-30, 17:48)barney63 Wrote:
(2024-04-30, 15:26)MetalChris Wrote: DistroTV - v 2024.04.07
Is this version 2024.04.05 or is there a 2024.04.07 version.

2024.04.07 is the latest version. I removed some unnecessary code from 2024.04.05 and also made a couple of minor changes. Since the API does not always make descriptive information available at the same time as show/movie title, and I did not want to make dozens of additional calls when loading the titles, I've made plot/description info available from the context menu (The same functions are available in my Redbox and Local Now add-ons). This way, you can get more info if you want it, and it keeps the add-on from hammering the API unnecessarily with a ton of extra hits. The additional function(s) in the context menu will only show up when an additional call to the API is necessary. If descriptive info is available at the same time as the add-on is grabbing channel/show/movie title info, then it will be displayed when the add-on displays the titles. Essentially, it's a mini EPG with either program information for the selected channel, or plot info for movies and episodes.



RE: DistroTV - barney63 - 2024-04-30

I see the link has now been updated to v 2024.04.07, I re-downloaded and all is working well

RE: DistroTV - MetalChris - 2024-05-03

The current version seems to be incompatible with Kodi Omega. Until I get it worked out, Omega users should stay with version 2024.04.07 and disable auto-updates for the add-on. I've added a link for the old version in the first post.

RE: DistroTV - MetalChris - 2024-05-04

After banging my head against the wall for some time yesterday afternoon and perusing the inputstream.adaptive documentation for a while, I finally noticed the subtle difference in the code requirements for setting headers with inputstream in Kodi Omega this morning:

For Matrix and Nexus:
For Omega:

I've now released version 2024.04.09 with fixes for Omega. This has also been updated in my repository.

RE: DistroTV - Atreyu - 2024-05-15

Good catch! Thanks for this

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