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- monkeyhappy - 2003-11-17 08:09

through several days of hard work, finally get realmedia played
on my xbox, though there is still some bugs, major work finished.

- Frodo - 2003-11-17 08:16

nice work monkey!
whats next wmv/wma/quicktime??

- monkeyhappy - 2003-11-17 08:27

wmv, then maybe directshow filters

- Frodo - 2003-11-17 10:52

btw does this mean both realvideo & realaudio?


- monkeyhappy - 2003-11-17 11:25

i am not doing much test, updated cvs so people can give more feedback.yes it should play both realaudio and realvideo

also i need your source code about mplayer dll, because i have some bug fixes to mplayer realmedia part in xbmp

i would like to port that to xbmc