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Is File Stacking filetype configurable? - nrk666 - 2008-10-15

This is more of a generic 'XBMC" question rather than specific to Live, but since I'm using Live and there isn't a non-platform XBMC specific forum, I'll post it here.

File stacking: is this a configurable feature for different file types? For example: prior to Beta1 on my regular Xbox XBMC T3ch builds, .VOB files would stack if I turned on stacking within the file browser. On Beta1 (haven't specifically checked on Beta2 yet, but I assume it hasn't been changed) .VOB files would no longer stack (standard dvd file name format) when stacking was enabled. AVI files continued to stack, but vobs didn't. Is there a config option somewhere (its not in the gui or at least I couldn't find it) that I can re-add this stacking behavior (like a list of file suffixes that can be stacked)? Or is there a specific reason that vobs no longer stack?

- jmarshall - 2008-10-15

DVD files are stacked in a specific way: Essentially, we look for the VIDEO_TS.IFO file, and if found, stack anything else down to that.

Note that anything else is a non-standard dvd layout.

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