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- azido - 2009-10-30

Jeroen Wrote:Hey Azido, hit me up on PM. I would like Focus to stay alive so if I can't do it myself I'm sure we can arrange something. So, if you're up to it let me know.


good to hear that..

actually, i'm having a quite busy time with aeon showmix, we still need to get our multiplex view improvement completed, but after the release i'm gonna talk to you in private.

- taxigps - 2009-11-25

a little bug in DialogSeekBar.xml
don't know if it be fixed now

                <label>$INFO[Player.Time] / [color=sublabel-text]$INFO[Player.Duration][COLOR]</label>

right is:

                <label>$INFO[Player.Time] / [COLOR=sublabel-text]$INFO[Player.Duration][/color]</label>