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Wanna upgrade Take1 - SVN needs Password? - netropolis - 2008-11-21

I have an SVN question...

I have installed the Tortus Client and have all but figured out that i need to add the 'url' to get what I want... but it prompts me for a username and password.

figuring becasue the files are located on Sourceforge I surfed over and made an account... but that didnt get me access.

I have been using the zipped version in some of Chi3f's older posts...
not sure if that is kept up to date or not.

am I missing something or a how to Use SVN thread somewhere? Huh

- Geeba - 2008-11-21

I still cant get my head round it... I was under the impression you installed it and could then right click say on files within SVN and it would download them... Huh

- sw1tch - 2008-11-21

Right click somewhere inside the base folder where you want the svn copy to go (it will create it's own folder when downloading so you don't need to create a seperate folder for it) click SVN checkout

Url of repository:
Click OK

- netropolis - 2008-11-22

You ROCK!!!

that did it!!! thank you! Downloading as I type! I got some work ahead of me tonight!

Thank you Sw1tch!